• Our Lady of Fatima | Brother Francis and Friends

    In this next installment of “Mary’s Visits,” Brother Francis and Sister Imelda tell the story of the three shepherd children from Fatima who saw visions of Mary, later to be known as Our Lady of Fatima. Learn about the courage and faith these children exhibited and how they were rewarded with an ...

  • Our Lady of Fatima | The Faithful

    In this stirring episode of “The Faithful,” follow the true story of three shepherd children in Portugal—Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia—as Our Lady of Fatima appears to them. Even in the face of opposition, the children stand by their story and the message of peace and hope our Lady brings. A bea...

  • Brother Francis and Friends

    1 season

    Brother Francis has a new friend! Meet Sister Imelda, a teacher from the neighboring parish school.

    In each episode of this four-part series on “Mary’s Visits,” Brother Francis and Sister Imelda tell the story of a Marian apparition. These four stories include: Our Lady of Knock, Our Lady of Fat...

  • Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

    6 seasons

    Based on the award-winning Bible! Join Minno kids Margot, Lexi, Miguel, and Logan on an exciting journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Learn God’s big story through each episode featuring beloved Bible moments, curious questions, and a whole lot of fun!

  • Littlest Saints

    1 season

    Littlest Saints features the lives of the saints as told by kids. In each episode, a young child dons a habit, a cassock, a uniform, anything and everything, and acts out a different heavenly hero’s story, full of drama, comedy, and everything in between.

    Visit their website here: www.littlestsa...

  • Christine in Action

    1 season

    Learn the Catholic Faith through MUSIC! Catholic Songs for children and everyone. "Christine In Action" is the go-to musical resource for all Catholic families and faith formation. Learn and memorize all of the traditional prayers, Sacred Scripture, and the Catechism through Christine's original ...

  • Lukas Storyteller

    1 season

    While in one of his adventures in the Sea of Galilee, Lukas met Jesus and was so impressed and gratified that now together with his old friend Noah, a turtle survivor of Noah’s Ark, gather and tell the greatest stories of all times of Jesus and all the Saints that Lukas met through the ages… Disc...

  • Our Heavenly Friends: The Saints

    3 items

    Learn about the lives of your favorite saints in these short, informative audios based on the Brother Francis “Our Heavenly Friends, The Saints” flash cards.

    Read by Nicole Swannack from Divine Mercy Kids, each audio focuses on a specific saint, highlighting information on that saint’s life, co...

  • Totally Toddlers

    1 season

  • The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello

    3 seasons

    All 6 episodes of Season 3 are now available!

    Follow Benjamin Cello, a winsome country gentleman, as he leads his friends on song-filled adventures through the Land of the Baptized Imagination. Whether it’s dancing in the art-full beauty of Pennywhistle Park, hearing the hallelujah hoedowns of t...

  • Zack and Yalla

    1 season

    Enter into the exciting world of Zack and Yalla! Join Zack and his playful sheep, Yalla, as they embark on an incredible journey in FORMED's newest kids show! In each episode, Zack and Yalla unexpectedly find themselves in the company of the Holy Family, Mary and Joseph. Together, they witness an...

  • Christ Is Risen | Drawing Closer to God: Lent | Episode 10

    Alleluia, he is risen! In this episode, Ms. Kim teaches kids to draw our resurrected Lord and his appearance to Mary Magdalene by the empty tomb. She encourages children to reflect on our mission to share the good news with everyone: Christ is risen!

    Download the coloring sheets here.

  • He Is Risen! The Power of the Resurrection | Brother Francis

    Join Brother Francis as he celebrates the power and splendor of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in this moving and instructive animated presentation!

    This episode includes:

    An animated presentation of key points in the life of Jesus Christ, His Death on the Cross, triumph over death, and A...

  • Marcam
    3 seasons


    3 seasons

    Marcam is a live action, educational and entertaining kids show for children ages 2 - 6. Through exploring, dancing, and music, the ever curious and cheerful host Marcam will help children better understand and become more familiar with the richness and depth of living a life of faith by going on...

  • The Slugs and Bugs Show | Season 2

    9 items

    Welcome back to the workshop! Join Maggie, Sparky, Doug, and Morty on brand-new adventures! When they face difficulties, Randall and friends are there with songs that encourage them in a life of faith! With guests Ellie Holcomb, Propaganda, Andrew Peterson, Big Easy from the Harlem Globetrotters ...

  • Eastertide Special | The Annie Moses Show

    Patterned after classic variety shows like Laurence Welk, Ed Sullivan, and Carol Burnett, The Annie Moses Show brings together a musical family of singers, players, actors, and creators, unified under one mission: to declare the truth, beauty, and goodness of God.
    In this Eastertide special, yo...

  • Short Answers to Big Questions

    9 items

  • The Witnesses Trilogy

    1 season

    Discover the power and love of Jesus Christ and see why his followers risked all to carry his message to the ends of the earth. Children and adults alike will be captivated by this account of Jesus’s life, featuring vivid storytelling and high impact animation. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

  • Signs of Grace

    3 seasons

    To learn more visit: and

    These videos are just a small portion of the curriculum created by the trusted theologians and award-winning film studio at the Augustine Institute. Signs of Grac...

  • Walking with Jesus: The Rosary Prayers in Song

    Let your heart be filled with the joy of God's wonderful love as you listen to these powerfully moving songs depicting the life, death, Resurrection, and glory of His Son through the prayers of the Rosary.
    Songs include:

    The Rosary Song
    The Sign of the Cross
    The Apostles' Creed
    The Our Fath...

  • Drawing Closer to God

    2 seasons

    Join art teacher Ms. Kim for 10 exciting new Lenten episodes of Drawing Closer to God: A Catholic Art Show for Kids! Follow Christ from the desert to his Passion, death, and Resurrection, learning what it means to turn away from sin and back to God. This Lent, help your children or grandchildren ...

  • Easter & Holy Week Special | Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

    Based on the award-winning Bible! Join Minno kids Margot, Lexi, Miguel, and Logan as they continue their journey through Jesus’ life and learn the story of Easter. This gentle retelling—from Jesus’ miracles to the greatest miracle of all—His resurrection, will help kids understand why Jesus came ...

  • Lent with Brother Francis

    4 seasons

    Learn and pray with Brother Francis in any of the four seasons offered below!

    Season 1: Daily Meditations (New This Year!)
    Season 2: 4-part Series
    Season 3: Let's Learn about Lent
    Season 4: The Stations of the Cross

  • Brother Francis: The Stations of the Cross

    Join Brother Francis as he follows our Lord on his way to the Cross. This episode includes:
    - A short introduction to the traditional Stations of the Cross, and how meditating upon them brings us closer to our Savior.
    - The traditional 14 stations beautifully illustrated with 14 thought-provoki...