4 Seasons

The first five episodes of Marcam season 3 are now available, with many more to follow!

Marcam is a live action, educational and entertaining kids show for children ages 2 - 6. Through exploring, dancing, and music, the ever curious and cheerful host Marcam will help children better understand and become more familiar with the richness and depth of living a life of faith by going on fun and educational learning adventures!

Marcam provides entertaining and engaging programming that helps parents incorporate faith more into their children's daily lives and makes screen time beneficial and educational, not wasteful. Want more Marcam episodes? Be sure to check out Season 1 & Season 2 episodes as well!
Marcam is created and produced by Seven Fourteen Media LLC under the direction of husband and wife duo Emily Wilson Hussem & Daniel Hussem.

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  • Marcam Loses His Hat! | Episode 1 | Season 3

    Episode 1

    Join Marcam on this joyful adventure as he searches for his hat and learns about St. Anthony and the beauty of patron saints. St. Anthony, please help Marcam find his hat!

  • Marcam Visits the Dentist | Episode 2 | Season 3

    Episode 2

    Little saints will learn all about what it looks like to visit the dentist as Marcam gets his teeth cleaned! This episode will help prepare all little saints for what to expect when it's their turn in the dentist's chair and how important it is to take care of the teeth God gave us!

  • Dive Into Numbers with Marcam | Episode 3 | Season 3

    Episode 3

    Join Marcam for a fun pool day as he dives into the world of numbers and teaches counting, addition, subtraction - and has fun splashing and learning about the Catholic faith along the way!

  • Marcam Prays the Stations of the Cross  | Episode 4 | Season 3

    Episode 4

    In this prayerful episode, Marcam visits a parish to watch a special re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross. Little saints will pray along with Marcam through this special devotion in our faith and travel through each station.

  • Marcam Receives a Box of Surprises | Episode 5 | Season 3

    Episode 5

    Join Marcam as he opens a box full of surprises, and help him decide which items can be found in Mass, and which items can be found in a toy box. Are you ready to unwrap some presents? Let’s go!