• By What Authority
    Movie + 1 extra

    By What Authority

    Movie + 1 extra

    In this newly updated, expanded version of his popular work of apologetics, Shea presents a lively and entertaining look at his conversion to Catholicism from Evangelicalism and his discovery of Christian tradition. As an Evangelical, Shea accepted the principle of "sola scriptura" (Scripture alo...

  • Look Again, Thomas by the Sisters of Life

    Movie + 1 extra

    Put on your “seeing glasses” and take a trip with Angelo and Thomas through forests and ponds, snow-covered hills and sun baked deserts – and find surprising discoveries along the way! Follow Thomas as he begins looking beyond the surface of things and learns something new about people.

    A book...

  • I Would Climb Any Mountain for You by the Sisters of Life

    Movie + 1 extra

    This full-color, illustrated storybook for moms and children imagines the adventures of their first nine months together—before meeting for the first time!

  • A Shorter Summa: The Essential Philosophical Passages of St. Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica by Peter Kreeft

    Movie + 2 extras

    A shortened version of Kreeft's much larger Summa of the Summa, which in turn was a shortened version of the Summa Theologica. The reason for the double shortening is pretty obvious: the original runs some 4000 pages! (The Summa of the Summa was just over 500.) The Summa is certainly the greatest...

  • Following Jesus Everyday: How Believing Transforms Living by Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

    Movie + 1 extra

    How can Christians really live what we believe as followers of Christ? How can our faith in Jesus transform our daily lives? In simple but profound words and vibrant images from the renowned Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, the doctrine and the practice of the faith are fruitfu...

  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

    Movie + 2 extras

    Wuthering Heights is one of the classic novels of nineteenth century romanticism. As a major work of modern literature it retains its controversial status. What was Emily Brontë's intention? Were her intentions iconoclastic? Were they feminist? Were they Christian or post-Christian? Who are the h...

  • G.K. Chesterton: Apostle of Common Sense by Dale Ahlquist

    Movie + 2 extras

    G. K. Chesterton was one of the most well-known and beloved writers of his time. Yet he has been strangely neglected today. This book is the perfect introduction to Chesterton. Ahlquist is an able guide who takes the reader through twelve of Chesterton’s most important books as well as the famous...

  • Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms by Holly Ordway

    Movie + 2 extras

    This is the story of a glorious defeat.

    Ordway, an atheist academic, was convinced that faith was superstitious nonsense. As a well-educated college English professor, she saw no need for just-so stories about God. Secure in her fortress of atheism, she was safe (or so she thought) from any as...

  • Angels & Demons: What Do We Really Know about Them? by Peter Kreeft

    Movie + 2 extras

    In response to actual questions many people have asked him about angels and demons, well-known author and philosophy professor Peter Kreeft separates fact from fantasy, and myth from reality, as he answers 100 common questions about these spiritual beings. Based on a very popular college course h...

  • The Catholic Family Handbook by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

    Movie + 2 extras

    Here is a crucial book for you if you want to shield your family from the effects of our selfish secular culture, which destroys families and poisons relationships.

    Fr. Lawrence Lovasik, the renowned author of The Hidden Power of Kindness, gives faithful Catholics all the essential ingredients...

  • Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love by Edward Sri

    Movie + 2 extras

    "Don't be so judgmental!"
    "Why are Christians so intolerant?"
    "Why can't we just coexist?"

    In an age in which preference has replaced morality, many people find it difficult to speak the truth, afraid of the reactions they will receive if they say something is right or wrong. Using engaging ...

  • The Joyful Beggar: A Novel about St. Francis of Assisi by Louis de Wohl

    Movie + 2 extras

    In this magnificent and stirring novel, Louis de Wohl turns his famed narrative skill to the story of the soldier and merchant's son who might have been the right-hand man to a king, but who became instead the most beloved of all saints. Set against the tempestuous background of 13th Century Ital...

  • The Secret of the Shamrock by Lisa M. Hendey

    Movie + 1 extra

    When Patrick has to work on his church’s cleaning team on a Saturday, he thinks his weekend fun is ruined. But when the old church bells start chiming, Patrick and his pet frog, Francis, are suddenly taken back through time to ancient Ireland. Will the strange shepherd he meets be able to help hi...

  • Father Elijah: An Apocalypse by Michael O'Brien

    Movie + 2 extras

    Michael O'Brien presents a thrilling apocalyptic novel about the condition of the Roman Catholic Church at the end of time. It explores the state of the modern world and the strengths and weaknesses of the contemporary religious scene by taking its central character, Father Elijah Schäfer, a Carm...

  • I'm Bernadette by Emily Ortega

    Movie + 2 extras

    Bernadette doesn't know what to do when the principal, Sister Teresa Jerome, announces that her school will celebrate All Saints' Day with saint costumes. That means no Halloween costumes and no princess dress for Bernadette! Everyone else is excited about finding a great saint costume. But Berna...

  • The Power of Silence by Cardinal Robert Sarah with Nicolas Diat

    Movie + 2 extras

    In a time when technology penetrates our lives in so many ways and materialism exerts such a powerful influence over us, Cardinal Robert Sarah presents a bold book about the strength of silence. The modern world generates so much noise, he says, that seeking moments of silence has become both har...

  • Finding True Happiness: Satisfying Our Restless Hearts by Fr. Robert Spitzer

    Movie + 2 extras

    One of the hottest topics in contemporary culture is happiness—so much so that the United Nations declared an "International Happiness Day" in response to the immense popularity of Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy." The explanation for this current fixation seems to lie in the contrary phenomenon—u...

  • Marriage 911: How God Saved Our Marriage by Greg and Julie Alexander

    Movie + 2 extras

  • The Father of the Family: A Christian Perspective by Clayton Barbeau

    Movie + 2 extras

    Here’s the award-winning classic that for over forty years has shown Christian men how to be the loving husbands and gentle fathers that Christ calls them to be.

    Rooted firmly in Scripture, these pages call on husbands to stop thinking of themselves simply as bosses and breadwinners. Rather, s...

  • The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament

    Movie + 2 extras

    The only Catholic Study Bible based on the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament brings together all of the books of the New Testament and the penetrating study tools developed by renowned Bible teachers Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch.


  • More God, Less Guilt: Because Catholic Guilt Isn't Catholic by Dan Tarrant

    Movie + 1 extra

    What if your mistakes don’t shock, surprise or embarrass God? What if God knows all of your flaws and still wants you in Heaven? What if instead of perfection, what God needs from you is your heart?

    Is the Good News really that good? Yes, it is!

    Come discover that the Good News may be bette...

  • The School of Nazareth: A Spiritual Journey with St. Joseph by Mark Hartfiel

    Movie + 1 extra

    "The Holy Family is the beginning of countless other holy families." —Pope John Paul II.

    There is a beautiful tradition in the Church that St. Joseph lived on the Earth with Jesus and Mary for thirty years. Thirty years to adore the face of Our Lord and Savior, thirty years to contemplate the ...

  • From Islam to Christ: One Woman's Path through the Riddles of God by Derya Little

    Movie + 2 extras

    Born and raised in Muslim Turkey, Derya Little wandered far and wide in search of her true home. After her parents' divorce, she rejected her family's Islamic faith and became an atheist. During her stormy adolescence, she tried to convince a Christian missionary that there is no God but was conv...

  • The Father's Tale by Michael D. O'Brien

    Movie + 2 extras

    Canadian bookseller Alex Graham is a middle-age widower whose quiet life is turned upside down when his college-age son disappears without any explanation or trace of where he has gone. With minimal resources, the father begins a long journey that takes him for the first time away from his safe a...