Philo and Sophie

Philo and Sophie

3 Episodes

Now more than ever, children need love and guidance to help them navigate a world that confuses right and wrong, and denies them a true moral compass. That's why Philo, a precocious penguin, and his lovable friend, Sophie the mermaid, have come to the rescue! Using hilarious sketches, memorable songs, and heart-warming stories they teach children about authentic happiness, the real meaning of love, and the value of all human life. All based on the pro-life teachings of Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D..

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Philo and Sophie
  • What Is Happiness | Episode 1 | Philo and Sophie

    Episode 1

    Philo, Sophie, and their friends not only learn what happiness is, but that there are four kinds of happiness, that each kind is good, and that God wants them to be happy!

    In "Lost Glasses" Philo is unhappy because he lost his glasses. Can Sophie help him find happiness again? In "Happiness Fair...

  • The Four Levels of Happiness | Episode 2 | Philo and Sophie

    Episode 2

    Philo and Sophie learn that some kinds of happiness are better than others - especially the happiness we find in God and when we help others!

    In "Amos the Meatball" Hannah tells Sophie a story about a meatball who discovers true happiness. Will Hannah’s story save their friendship when a game o...

  • Making Good Choices | Episode 3 | Philo and Sophie

    Episode 3

    Philo and Sophie learn that bad choices lead to unhappiness, and that choosing to care for the unborn and other vulnerable people makes us happy!

    In "The Swimming Cap Quandary" Sophie doesn’t want to follow the rules and wear a swimming cap at the beach, so Hannah and Jessica try to show her the...