Littlest Saints

Littlest Saints

4 Episodes

Littlest Saints features the lives of the saints as told by kids. In each episode, a young child dons a habit, a cassock, a uniform, anything and everything, and acts out a different heavenly hero’s story, full of drama, comedy, and everything in between.

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Littlest Saints
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine | LIttlest Saints

    Episode 1

    A child, a sinner, a saint. Join us as we share the story of St. Augustine, tailored to our children, as he wrestles with God and comes to the faith.

  • Sts. Benedict and Scholastica | Littlest Saints

    Episode 2

    A pair of holy twins, a cave, and a group of naughty monks… this is the story of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica.

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  • St. Therese | Littlest Saints

    Episode 3

    Which flower in Jesus’s garden is the best? The most beautiful? St. Therese gives us her “little” answer to these questions.

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  • Our Lady of Guadalupe & St. Juan Diego | Littlest Saints

    Episode 4

    A boy, his sneakers, and a giant sombrero take up the story of St. Juan Diego’s miraculous encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary. How far will Our Lady ask him to reach out in faith, trust, and confidence?

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