Motherhood Matters

Motherhood Matters

16 Episodes

Why won’t my kids listen? How can I be a better spouse? Where can I find a good friend? What can I do about my children’s allergies? How can I find time to pray? Why is my home such a mess? Why can’t I be a better mother. . . like her?

God cares about all of your motherhood matters, both big and small. Jesus tells us that the “very hairs of your head are all numbered” and that God knows when a sparrow falls. “Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows” (Luke 12:7). When you are drowning in diapers or losing arguments to tweenagers, God is there with you and he cares about all of these matters.

Join the presenters as they consider Motherhood Matters: Big and Small, shedding the light of faith and bringing hope to both the mundane and the monumental things you deal with everyday as a mother. Sixteen different topics are discussed each of which stands alone, so the talks can be viewed in any order.

These sessions are perfect for a Mom’s Discussion Group or Retreat. A discussion guide with questions is included. The talks are also great for individual listening, especially while folding laundry and washing dishes.

Your host, Tami Kiser, besides being a wife, mother, and grandmother, is an author, speaker, and teacher. She is the founder of Smart Martha Ministries, Catholic Conference 4 Moms, and Catholic Mosaic for 4 Women. With her husband, Keith, she recently combined these ministries into Heart Ridge Catholic Ministries. They are developing retreats and producing programs for women, men and families

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Motherhood Matters
  • Growing Together with Your Spouse

    Episode 1

    Have you considered that marriage is the soil for growth in virtue? Which virtues do you need to help your marriage to grow strong? Annie Deddens shares insights about virtues that need cultivation that are particularly important to marriage. She shares some personal stories of times of growth in...

  • Importance of Staying Involved in Ministry and How to Balance That with Children

    Episode 2

    Does saying hello to motherhood mean saying goodbye to one’s service to the church? It’s not that being a mother isn’t service enough, but often moms are called to another kind of service in the church. Sometimes being involved in a ministry is a welcome break from mothering and sometimes, these ...

  • Growing Love in Your Home through Mothering

    Episode 3

    What would your home look like if you took more intentional steps to form loving relationships on a daily basis? From playing games while doing chores, to cooperative family meetings, to conflict resolution strategies, to writing actual love notes to family members, and more, Christine Martinello...

  • Helping Our Kids Develop a Relationship with Jesus

    Episode 4

    In order to help children, have a personal relationship with Jesus, we must first have one ourselves. This is something many Catholics struggle to develop Elizabeth Ficocelli shows some of the simple steps to help our kids develop a personal relationship with Jesus by following a simpler version ...

  • We Need Each Other: Ideas to Make, Keep, and Strengthen Friendship

    Episode 5

    Mothers need the support of good friends but when schedules are full and sleep is deprived, it’s often hard for mothers to put forth the effort to keep friendships alive. This, added with the illusion of the intimacy of social media, keeps many mothers from having close and supportive friends. Em...

  • Sorry, God, I’m Just Too Busy: Squeezing Prayer into a Full Life

    Episode 6

    How important is it to take time out of your busy day to pray? According to Jennifer Willits, it’s as important as breathing. Mothers especially know that prayer is a crucial part of taking care of their families and themselves yet finding the time to do it is very difficult. Jennifer shares some...

  • Helping Your Kids Develop a Balanced, Healthy Self-image in an Instagram Age

    Episode 7

    The body is much more than just a container for the soul. Our bodies are intimately a part of who we are and how God created us. Unfortunately, our culture wants us to think about and create our bodies in its image, instead of God’s. Our children, especially teenagers, are vulnerable to messages ...

  • Perfect Mothering? Advice to Stop Comparing and Embrace Who You Are

    Episode 8

    Why does her child behave like an angel in the grocery store? And why does that mom’s waist look like a size 3 even though she just gave birth 3 months ago? If you’ve ever had thoughts like this (who hasn’t) or have been tempted to compare yourself to other mothers, then Kate Wicker’s discussion ...

  • Managing Healthy Eating and Allergies with a Busy Family

    Episode 9

    Many mothers want to feed their families healthy meals, but because of restrictions of time, resources, and know-how, they fall way short of what they’d like to put on the table. Kim Capelle, who not only is a mother of a large family, but also a mother of a large family with many allergies, was ...

  • Taking Care of Mom: A Holistic Approach to Health

    Episode 10

    In order for a mother to take care of others, she must also take care of herself. But what does this mean? How can a mother take a holistic approach to her health? Dr. Michael Parker explains some simple, but very important ways that a mom can take care of herself, including suggestions such as m...

  • Help! Screens Are Taking Over My Children! A Technology Talk for Moms

    Episode 11

    One of the most difficult issues facing parents today is how to deal with technology. And it’s not just a problem for the children, but one for the parents, as well. How do moms model a proper use of technology to their children? Besides looking at the example she is setting for her children, mom...

  • Best Parenting Advice I’ve Ever Received: Guardian Angels

    Episode 12

    “Mean what you say.” “Pick your battles.” “Rely on quality time.” Now these are what one thinks of when looking for parenting advice. Guardian Angels? Not likely. But hear Mike Aquilina out on this one. As a father of a “difficult, strong-willed son” and someone who is himself a Scripture scholar...

  • Living a Simple and Ordered Life with Kids

    Episode 13

    Doing your part while relying on God for the rest is the Christian approach to peaceful living In this presentation, Rachel Balducci shows how living simply and orderly is one of the best ways she can do her part as a homemaker, wife, and mom. She gives some practical tips about laundry and other...

  • Discipline 101: For Beginning Parents (And Those Who Could Use a Review)

    Episode 14

    In this conversation, Dr. Ray Guarendi lays down some basic principles of discipline, including the idea that parents need to rely on consistency and common sense. With humor and wit, he gives lots of stories and examples and warns of foibles to avoid. Great for moms who need a pep talk and excel...

  • Grasping at Peace When All You Have Is Chaos

    Episode 15

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Out-of-control? Lost? Most mothers with all of their responsibilities and limitations, have felt this way at one time or another. Yet, our God promises us peace. How can we feel at peace in the midst of chaos? Sarah Reinhard talks about dealing with the chaos of he...

  • Pornography Proofing Your Kids

    Episode 16

    Of all the topics that Steve Wood would like to talk about, pornography is his least favorite. However, looking at the statistics of how many people use pornography and knowing the addictive nature and harmful effects to families and society, he feels he must keep the conversation going. And thou...

  • Motherhood Matters Discussion Guide

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