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This Week on FORMED

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This Week on FORMED
  • This Week on FORMED (September 25, 2023)

    Monday (Sept 25th)
    - The Mass: A Life-Giving Prayer | Brother Francis

    Tuesday (Sept 26th) - Sts. Cosmas and Damian
    - Insights from the Medical & Social Sciences

    Wednesday (Sept 27th) - St. Vincent de Paul
    - Can the homeless keep you from Hell? w/ Blake Brouillette | Chris Stefanick Show
    - Chapt...

  • The Mass: A Life-Giving Prayer | Brother Francis

    Come with Brother Francis as he celebrates the life-changing power of the Mass in this inspirational and instructive presentation!

    This episode includes:

    "The Celebration of the Mass"—an animated representation of what happens during the Mass and our encounter with Jesus as we celebrate th...

  • Can the homeless keep you from Hell? w/ Blake Brouillette | Chris Stefanick Show

    You pull up to the street corner. There’s that grungy guy again, holding his cardboard sign.

    You feel a nudge like you should help him somehow. But the idea scares you. So you avoid eye contact.

    Jesus makes it crystal clear that we need to serve the poor. Yet every time we see an opportunity, w...

  • The Search Begins

    1 season

    The Search Begins is a new seven-episode video series adapted from the Augustine Institute's award-winning series The Search, hosted by Chris Stefanick. It is designed to enkindle meaningful discussions with teens searching for answers: What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here? Who am I? Is ...

  • Angels & Saints | Catholic Saints

    4 items

    Angels and saints are deeply infused in Catholic theology and devotion, but what exactly are these beings? What makes a person a saint, and how can I become one? Are angels real, and how do they impact my life? Dive into these questions and more in this series with Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor ...

  • Spiritual Beings: Themes | The Bible Project

    7 items

    Spiritual beings are key to the biblical story, and their actions are far more connected to humanity than we might realize. Learn more with this series.

    The Bible Project is a nonprofit group dedicated to spreading the Word of God. Through dynamic and engaging videos, they aim to present the sto...

  • St. Jerome | Catholic Saints

    An early Church Father from the 4th century, St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin with the desire to make Scripture more accessible. St. Jerome is the patron of biblical scholars, translators, and archivists and famously said, "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." 

  • The Art of Living with Dr. Edward Sri

    6 items

    Dr. Ben Akers welcomes Dr. Edward Sri to discuss his new book, The Art of Living: The Cardinal Virtues and the Freedom to Love, and the virtues generally. In these episodes, viewers will learn what a virtue is, how to grow in them, and how our ability to love is dependent on our pursuit of the vi...

  • Encountering the Poor: Biblical Roots for Catholic Social Teaching by Tim Gray

    Dr. Timothy Gray is the president of the Augustine Institute and is a well-known Scripture scholar and Catholic speaker. With his eloquent style and polished delivery, Dr. Gray expounds upon the teachings of the Catholic Church surrounding social justice in light of Sacred Scripture. Discover how...

  • Who Are the Archangels?

    Dr. Ben Akers & Dr. Elizabeth Klein discuss archangels and what role they have in our lives.

    Grab your bible and follow along

    To learn more about the Angels, listen to our Lighthouse Talk Angels Explained by Dr. Mark Miravalle

  • Who Are the Angels?

    Dr. Ben Akers sits down with Dr. Mark Miravalle, Saint John Paul II Chair of Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, to discuss the angels. What is an angel? What are the choirs of angels? How do we engage with our guardian angels?

    Purchase Dr. Mark Miravalle's Books:
    - Meet Your Mo...

  • Eternal Rest: The Art of Dying Well

    1 season

    Exclusively on FORMED.

    We all have very real questions about death. What happens when we die? What does Scripture teach about death? How do we prepare for the life to come? Explore the mystery of death, dying, and everlasting life through Eternal Rest, a new offering of the Augustine Institute.