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This Week on FORMED

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This Week on FORMED
  • What does God want?! Rules for discernment | Chris Stefanick Show

    Even the most faithful Catholics struggle with discernment.

    Figuring out what God wants can really stress you out. But when you develop your discernment skills, you can relax. There’s no peace like knowing you’re in tune with God’s will.

    That’s why it’s so cool to have Fr. Timothy Gallagher wi...

  • This Week on FORMED — (January 30, 2023)

    26 items

    [Exclusively on FORMED]
    - Episode 5 | Catholic Commentary on The Chosen | Season 1

    Tuesday (January 31) — St. John Bosco
    - Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love
    - Don Bosco: The True Story of the Apostle of Youth

    Wednesday (February 1) — the Month of the Holy Family
    - Who Is Jesus? | The Search |...

  • Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love

    Flavio Insinna gives a winning performance as John (Don) Bosco, the great priest and educator of youth from the tough streets of Turin, Italy. Beautifully filmed in Italy, this epic movie dramatizes the many challenges that Don Bosco had to overcome from his childhood all the way to founding his ...

  • Who is Jesus? | The Search | Episode 5

    The most beautiful part of this story is this we can know God's love, personally. This is the person of Jesus. But how did this seemingly insignificant carpenter born into poverty in a dusty corner of the Roman Empire become the most pivotal figure in all of history? Christianity isn’t simply a p...

  • Opening Your Heart | Walking With Purpose

    1 season

    Opening Your Heart: The Starting Point will take you on an exciting journey to form a personal relationship with Christ and help you find answers to life’s biggest questions through the context of the Catholic faith. Author Lisa Brenninkmeyer designed this Bible study to inspire thoughtful consid...

  • Candlemas | Catholic All Year w/ Kendra Tierney

    Let's talk about Candlemas! Fun, simple, traditional Catholic practices for Candlemas (a.k.a. the Presentation of the Lord) on February 2nd, including using only candlelight all day, crepes, and the blessing of candles. Featuring Kendra Tierney of the blog and book Catholic All Year.

    Find the a...

  • Joseph of Nazareth: The Story of the Man Closest to Christ

    This film uses creative license in telling the story of St. Joseph. Some scenes may not be suitable for all audiences. Parental guidance is suggested.

    The first feature film ever on the story of St. Joseph, who was a carpenter, the husband of Mary, and the foster father of Jesus Christ. Scriptur...

  • Episode 5 | Catholic Commentary on The Chosen | Season 1

    Catholic Commentary on The Chosen aims to help Catholics actively engage with the immensely popular TV series depicting the life of Christ.

    This Catholic Commentary episode examines two stories contained in the Gospels: the Finding of Jesus in the Temple (Lk 2:41-52) and the Wedding Feast at Can...

  • Fearless and Free | Walking With Purpose

    1 season

    Based on the Book of Ephesians, Fearless and Free Bible study focuses on healing and wholeness. Author Lisa Brenninkmeyer designed this Bible study for any woman confronting the reality that life isn’t easy. When suffering slams into you and leaves you reeling, or you feel great one day and down ...

  • Don Bosco: The True Story of the Apostle of Youth

    Ben Gazzara stars in this classic film about St. John Bosco, the beloved nineteenth century Italian priest who sought out the homeless youth of Turin to help them have a better life. He overcame incredible challenges, including the government who wanted him out of the way, an archbishop who tried...

  • The Holy Family

    We are excited to announce our series of FORMED Now! Christmas and New Year special episodes. In these episodes, professors from the Augustine Institute Graduate School will lead us in reflections throughout the season from December 22nd through January 11th.

    FORMED Now! will return to its regu...

  • Mary of Nazareth

    Mary of Nazareth is an epic motion picture on the life of Mary, Mother of Christ, from her childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus. Shot in high definition, it was filmed in Europe with outstanding cinematography, a strong cast, and a majestic music score. Actress Alissa Jung gives a beautifu...

  • A Bible Study on the Joyful Mysteries: The Presentation

    Have you ever wanted to grow in your understanding and devotion to the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary? Join Dr. Ben Akers and professors from the Augustine Institute Graduate School as they walk through these Biblical mysteries and seek to grow in understanding and love for Christ through them.