Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained

2 Seasons

Purchase full-color guides - at 60% off: Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained features 20 video and discussion sessions that brings together some of the most trusted Catholic teachers in the world to guide you through the breadth and richness of the Catholic faith.

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained
  • The Journey of Faith: Trinity, Faith & the God Who Is Love

    Episode 1

    We begin our journey into the heart of the Catholic Faith as pilgrims, exploring the reality of God, who he is, and how he expresses himself to us in the most meaningful way imaginable.

  • Divine Revelation: God Seeking Us & the Compass for Our Lives

    Episode 2

    If God, the all-powerful Creator of the Universe, loves us, then how does he communicate with us? The answer is surprising, yet it establishes an essential part of what we believe as Catholics.

  • The Bible: God's Love Letter to Humanity

    Episode 3

    Is the Bible more than just a collection of ancient writings, more than simply an important historical document to be appreciated but ultimately dismissed? Is it possible that God reveals his truth to us through Sacred Scripture? If so, what does that really mean for our faith?

  • The Story of Salvation: Creation, Fall, & Redemption

    Episode 4

    The story of salvation began with Creation itself—and a decision that affects all of us to this present day. How did the events of an ancient past set into motion God's rescue operation to save us from eternal death?

  • Who Is Jesus? Just a Good Man or Lord of Our Lives?

    Episode 5

    No one has ever had a greater impact on the world than Jesus of Nazareth—and the question of Jesus's identity is central to our faith.

  • The Paschal Mystery: The Mystery of Jesus's Death & Resurrection

    Episode 6

    "The Paschal Mystery" is a phrase we hear and use in the Mass and sacramental rites, but do we understand what it means in the greater story of Salvation, from the Passover in Egypt to the Last Supper and Crucifixion of Jesus?

  • The Holy Spirit & the Life of Grace: God's Divine Life Within Us

    Episode 7

    Who is the Holy Spirit? How does the Spirit work in our lives and in the life of the Church? Why is it so important that we know and love him?

  • Why Do I Need the Church? The Mystery of the Catholic Church

    Episode 8

    Though Jesus saves us as individuals, he calls us to live out our salvation as members of a communion of believers. But that can be hard if we don't understand what the Church is and what it is meant to be. Why does the Church claim to have authority over what Catholics believe? How do we reconci...

  • Mary & the Saints: Our Spiritual Mother & the Communion of Saints

    Episode 9

    What do we think of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and how does our relationship with her impact our relationship with her Son? What is the connection between our understanding of Mary and the rest of the saints? Why do we ask Mary and other "dead people" to pray for us? The answers to these question...

  • The Last Things: What Happens After We Die?

    Episode 10

    What does the Church really teach about death, judgment, Heaven, and Hell? It's time to separate the myths from the reality.

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