Watch this video and more on FORMED

Watch this video and more on FORMED

The Journey of Faith: Trinity, Faith & the God Who Is Love

Episode 1 • 31m

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  • Divine Revelation: God Seeking Us & t...

    If God, the all-powerful Creator of the Universe, loves us, then how does he communicate with us? The answer is surprising, yet it establishes an essential part of what we believe as Catholics.

  • The Bible: God's Love Letter to Humanity

    Is the Bible more than just a collection of ancient writings, more than simply an important historical document to be appreciated but ultimately dismissed? Is it possible that God reveals his truth to us through Sacred Scripture? If so, what does that really mean for our faith?

  • The Story of Salvation: Creation, Fal...

    The story of salvation began with Creation itself—and a decision that affects all of us to this present day. How did the events of an ancient past set into motion God's rescue operation to save us from eternal death?