OSV Innovation Talks

OSV Innovation Talks

2 Episodes

OSV Institute & ODB Films present OSV Innovation Talks, a series for inspiration, creativity, and innovation in ministry and evangelization, influenced by powerful talks from prominent Catholic leaders. Learn more at: https://osvtalks.com/

OSV Innovation Talks
  • The Inefficient Innovator with Jason Shanks – OSV Institute, President

    Episode 1

    In his talk, The Inefficient Innovator, Jason Shanks, President of OSV Institute, talks about the urgent need for unscaled innovation in ministry and evangelization. Learn more at: https://osvtalks.com/

  • Bruce Lee was a Master Evangelist with Jared Zimmerer - Word on Fire

    Episode 2

    Can Kung Fu inform modern evangelization? The answer is yes and the tactics will startle you! This talk will send you on a mission exploring the practices of a martial artist in sharing the Gospel in the 21st Century. Jared’s love for Bruce Lee has taught him principles of incredible success in s...