OSV Innovation Talks

OSV Innovation Talks

7 Episodes

OSV Institute & ODB Films present OSV Innovation Talks, a series for inspiration, creativity, and innovation in ministry and evangelization, influenced by powerful talks from prominent Catholic leaders. Learn more at: https://osvtalks.com/

OSV Innovation Talks
  • The Inefficient Innovator with Jason Shanks – OSV Institute, President

    Episode 1

    In his talk, The Inefficient Innovator, Jason Shanks, President of OSV Institute, talks about the urgent need for unscaled innovation in ministry and evangelization. Learn more at: https://osvtalks.com/

  • Bruce Lee was a Master Evangelist with Jared Zimmerer - Word on Fire

    Episode 2

    Can Kung Fu inform modern evangelization? The answer is yes and the tactics will startle you! This talk will send you on a mission exploring the practices of a martial artist in sharing the Gospel in the 21st Century. Jared’s love for Bruce Lee has taught him principles of incredible success in s...

  • Daily Bread Discernment with Sr. Josephine Garrett

    Episode 3

    From bank executive to religious Sister, conversion can truly turn your life upside down. This change is rooted in discernment. Sr. Josephine crafts a beautiful message of vocation and the need to accept the daily offering of our God for purposes and sharing the mission. This talk will challenge...

  • The Subtle Deterioration of True Professionalism with Jason Deuterman

    Episode 4

    Ministry is not a career…or at least…it shouldn’t be. However, ministry does demand professionalism in both approach and exercise. What does this mean? This talk invites the viewer to assess their own ministry behavior and re-examine the high standards set by the history of professional ministry ...

  • Undignified Liturgical Music with Justin Dery

    Episode 5

    From traditional documents to modern performances, liturgical music is a topic for in-depth investigation. This talk walks us through the arresting foundations of Catholic worship music and invites the viewer to re-think the contemporary understanding of song in liturgy. More at: https://osvtalks...

  • Lost in Encyclical Translation with Brenda Noriega

    Episode 6

    When we speak our native language, our vocabulary insists on nuances unique to our own experiences. It is no wonder why Pope Francis wrote his encyclical Christus Vivit in Spanish. His understanding of serving the young church came from his experiences. To truly understand this, however, we must ...

  • Babel to Pentecost with Anthony D’Ambrosio

    Episode 7

    A lack of vulnerability and the plague of arrogant self-interest destroys relationships. In ministry, like most things, honesty and openness lead to successful mission. This talk walks us through the rawness of Anthony’s life and encourages viewers to be “naked” to one another for purposes of hea...