OSV Talks

OSV Talks

40 Episodes

OSV Talks is a series of topics from prominent Catholic leaders to spark discussion, explore new, or re-explore old approaches, and inspire creative thinking, all from the heart of the church. Over 100 years ago, Archbishop Noll founded OSV using new methods to communicate the gospel. Innovative thinking is at the core of OSV and OSV Talks is part of a larger effort to be a catalyst for Catholic innovation. In partnership with ODB Films we bring you this groundbreaking series harnessing some of the most forward-thinking minds in the Church today. Learn more at osvtalks.com.

OSV Talks
  • Embracing Life as a Pilgrim with Katherine Angulo

    Episode 1

    Katherine Angulo has lived all over the world, but it is not her travels that define her life as a pilgrim. Katherine explains that living life with the disposition of a pilgrim can create a life of joy, overcome fear and develop a deeper relationship with God.

  • Finding Strength in Weakness: Powerlifting and Cancer with Eric Hall

    Episode 2

    In the midst of Eric Hall's journey battling an aggressive cancer, this powerlifter found that his healing came as he relinquished control – both in the physical and spiritual sense. In his talk, Eric shares his discovery of how weakness, united with Christ, can be a strength.

  • Music, Liturgy and Moon Landings: Bringing Our Best with Steve Angrisano

    Episode 3

    Musician Steve Angrisano draws an unlikely comparison between liturgical music and a man landing on the moon. The obstacles to accomplishing either one of these tasks is simply a failure of imagination. Steve uses the language of music to ask the question, "Are we bringing the best of who we are ...

  • No Excuses: Renewing Culture Through Family with Louis Damani Jones

    Episode 4

    Using the story of Nehemiah in the Old Testament, Louis Damani Jones shares tools for how to live out Catholic Social Doctrine in our daily lives. Despite the challenges, the essence of living out this teaching is love and the renewal of society and the family go hand in hand.

  • Our Mission to Heal, Restore, Unify and Reconcile with Robert Feduccia

    Episode 5

    Robert Feduccia tackles the monumental task of summarizing the entire New Testament into one simple sentence. Using his experiences of pilgrimage and work in youth ministry, Robert shares how to live more deeply into the mission of healing, restoring, unifying and reconciling all things through J...

  • Sandy Hook & Life at the Foot of the Cross with Laura Phelps

    Episode 6

    As the mother of a Sandy Hook survivor, Laura Phelps tackles how to cope with unjust suffering. By unpacking lessons she has learned from Mary, the Mother of God and encountering Scripture, she shows how the interruption of suffering is actually an invitation to stand at the foot of the cross and...

  • Subversives, Managers, Squatters & Enablers: Which Are You? with Joel Stepanek

    Episode 7

    Where do you fall in a four-part square made up of Subversives, Managers, Squatters & Enablers? Joel Stepanek gives a fresh look at how the dynamic between people within an organization builds culture, impacts toxicity in work environments and ultimately, determines what kind of fruit that organi...

  • Unleashing the Power of the Millennial Catholic Mom with Katie Prejean McGrady

    Episode 8

    Katie Prejean McGrady explores the conditioning and captivity of online comparison that millennial moms face while trying to raise a family, love their husbands and pursue a relationship with Jesus. In her passionate talk, Katie offers ways for the Church to affirm and applaud motherhood by makin...

  • Why Christians Lose on Purpose with Leonard DeLorenzo

    Episode 9

    In a world where power is gained by winning, Leonard DeLorenzo posits finding one's own Christian identity by losing on purpose. Citing examples from his own father and John the Baptist, DeLorenzo weaves together stories of action: of sacrifice and courage to lose in the face of a culture that de...

  • A Critical Look at Catholic Education with Andrea Chavez-Kopp

    Episode 10

    What happens to Catholic schools when the economic model guarantees that it loses money? Andrea Chavez-Kopp takes a critical look at the challenges facing the fragile Catholic school ecosystem including diversity, enrollment, inclusion and competitive salaries. She argues that resolving these pro...

  • Aceptar La Vida de Peregrino con Katherine Angulo

    Episode 11

    Katherine Angulo ha vivido por todo el mundo, pero no son sus viajes los que definen su vida como peregrina. Katherine explica que vivir la vida con la disposición de un peregrino puede crear una vida de alegría, ayudar a superar el miedo y desarrollar una relación más profunda con Dios.

  • Archbishop Noll: A Model for Innovation with Kyle Hamilton

    Episode 12

    Kyle Hamilton, CEO of Our Sunday Visitor draws upon a story of a priest facing fierce anti-Catholicism in small-town Indiana in the early 20th century and how this priest, Archbishop John Francis Noll started an innovative communication revolution in the Catholic Church across the entire United S...

  • Building a Church That Listens with Tracey Lamont

    Episode 13

    The challenge of leaving comfortable programs and familiar classrooms is the real work of missionary discipleship. Tracey Lamont argues that for our Church to embrace its capacity to meet the needs of young people and bring them back, a new ecclesial imagination is needed to form authentic commun...

  • Catechesis in Small Moments with Ela Milewska

    Episode 14

    While some associate catechesis with formal education, Ela Milewska paints an image of the impact a catechesist has as a witness of faith and a keeper of the memory of God. She invites lay persons to embrace this role not through formal education, but rather, through small moments in everyday life.

  • Catholic Entrepreneur: Starting Something from Nothing with James Baxter

    Episode 15

    As the founder of a men's ministry, James Baxter unpacks the creative process of starting a business within the Church. As he highlights his experiences with challenges and inspiration, Baxter illuminates how God and the social teachings of the Church call us all to be and do so much more for com...

  • Equal Justice for All, Except the Unborn with Michael Kenney

    Episode 16

    Michael Kenney was only 14 when abortion became legal in the United States. Since then he became a lawyer and expert in constitutional law. Sharing the history of abortion in America, Michael describes how the evil of abortion is unconstitutional as well as contrary to natural law.

  • Eucharistic Healing of the Pornographic Gaze with Timothy O'Malley

    Episode 17

    We become what we see. Timothy O'Malley argues that the pornographic gaze isn't unique to porn, but rather happens anytime we see a person as object. Timothy offers that the Eucharist can help to form and heal this gaze and respond to others in love.

  • Faith and the Luxury of Food with Miriam Hidalgo

    Episode 18

    Admitting that an animal-conscious diet is not always popular, Miriam Hidalgo draws connections between the food that we eat to several environmental problems around the world. Miriam challenges us to enter into a deeper connection between our faith and our food and a deeper respect for all of Go...

  • Fitness to Holiness: Strengthening Body & Soul with Samantha Kelley

    Episode 19

    Bodies and souls cannot be divided on this side of Paradise and Samantha Kelly has found an unlikely way to let her soul pray while she works out. In her words, "a holy hour at the gym" isn't scandalous, but rather it's a way to unite our bodies to Christ and offer up sufferings for others.

  • What Christians Can Learn About Storytelling with Dr. Richard Ludwick

    Episode 20

    With more astounding characters and better villains than Marvel or Disney, why isn't the story of Jesus resonating with people the way that these companies do? Dr. Richard Ludwick explains that the answer lies in the conviction and authenticity of our storytelling and perhaps, our culture is over...

  • How the Feminine Genius Heals a Hurting World with Rachel Ullmann

    Episode 21

    In a culture that pressures women to lead like men, Rachel Ullmann makes the case for women to lead with their own feminine genius and describes that as natural innovators, women can bring their unique gifts to healing a hurting world.

  • Human Ideology to Divine Mystery with John O'Brien

    Episode 22

    Using colorful examples in the lives of saints, John O'Brien presents some of the dangers of man-made ideology when they infect the mystery of the Catholic faith and the methods of catechesis. John posits that catechesis is an art, not a technique and that the interior life is the most important ...

  • La Fe y El Privilegio de la Comida con Miriam Hidalgo

    Episode 23

    Admitiendo que una dieta con conciencia animal no siempre es popular, Miriam Hidalgo establece conexiones entre los alimentos que comemos y varios problemas ambientales en todo el mundo. Miriam nos desafía a entrar en una conexión más profunda entre nuestra fe y nuestra comida y un respeto más pr...

  • Listen, Pray & Fast: Healing the Racial Divide with Fr. Joshua Johnson

    Episode 24

    What would it take for us to help make our Church and community look a little more like Heaven? Father Joshua Johnson proposes that by exercising our abilities to listen, pray and fast, we can embark on bringing healing to the racial divide.