Kapaun's Men Pilgrimage Series

Kapaun's Men Pilgrimage Series

8 Episodes

In both Scripture and the Sacred Liturgy the Church teaches us that we are a pilgrim people, making our way along the path to heaven. With the pace of our daily lives, we often need a reminder that this earth is not our lasting home. That’s why for our latest series, Kapaun’s Men invited national speaker and longtime Kapaun’s Men emcee Joe Farris to join us in Kansas for the annual 60-mile pilgrimage in honor of Servant of God Emil Kapaun. In the Pilgrimage Series, both men and women alike will discover the essential themes found on pilgrimage that correlate to our daily lives as Christians and find the inspiration to continue more intentionally on our path to heaven. Will you follow God’s invitation to walk with us? (8 Sessions)

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Kapaun's Men Pilgrimage Series
  • The Father Kapaun Pilgrimage

    Episode 1

    "Session 1: On Pilgrimage: Walking with Father Kapaun
    “How many times does not Holy Mother Church tell us that our life on this earth is a journey? This earth is not our lasting home. God created us for a higher, a much more perfect home, our home in heaven with the joy of God.” - Servant of God...

  • Invitation

    Episode 2

    Session 2: Invitation
    No one walks without first being invited. In this session we seek to better understand God’s call to holiness and how much he desires us to journey with Him. (12 minutes)

  • Simplicity

    Episode 3

    Session 3: Simplicity
    A pilgrim carries only what he needs. The freedom we encounter on a pilgrimage can reveal just how much our lives are cluttered by activities or material things. Not all of these are bad, but the pilgrim needs to be mindful of what helps or hinders him on his pilgrimage to ...

  • Accompaniment

    Episode 4

    Session 4: Accompaniment
    No one walks this journey alone. God desires to give us strength and joy through the men and women who walk with us. Out on pilgrimage it is easy to enter into the stories of those walking with you. Do you enter into the stories of the men and women you meet in your dail...

  • Receiving

    Episode 5

    Session 5: Receiving
    We often have ingrained in our minds the idea that we must be self-sufficient, but that attitude cut us off from receiving the graces God wishes to give us. The pilgrims on the Kapaun walk wouldn’t get very far without the generosity and support of others along the way. Will...

  • Fortitude

    Episode 6

    Session 6: Fortitude
    There’s no getting around it: pilgrimages are hard. We need fortitude, not just for a short moment of courage, but for the strength to push on through pain and challenges. Thankfully, Father Kapaun is a great example of fortitude, and so are our fellow pilgrims. (10 minutes)

  • Openness to God

    Episode 7

    Session 7: Openness to God
    In our daily lives we can easily be too busy to listen to God, but the slow pace of a pilgrimage invites us to open our hearts and minds to the Lord. What do you think He might be trying to tell you, and are you listening? (12 minutes)

  • Go Forth

    Episode 8

    Session 8: Go Forth
    At the end of each Mass the priest sends us out on a mission to proclaim the Good News to others. No pilgrimage would be complete if we walked away unchanged and without direction for our lives. How is God inviting you to go forth into a world that is thirsty for His love and...

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