Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons

Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons

37 Episodes

Ready Reasons are short videos that discuss various topics within the Catholic faith. These concise videos are meant to start a conversation about the Catholic faith and lead viewer to begin their own journey towards the truths of the Catholic faith, or to deepen their understanding of it.

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Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons
  • Is Religion a Crutch?

    Atheists sometimes attack religion by saying it's a crutch for the weak-minded. Karlo Broussard refutes this claim and explains how it is a weak argument against belief in God.

  • Is the Resurrection a Lie?

    Are the gospel accounts of Jesus' resurrection reliable? Or did the Apostles make the whole thing up? Karlo Broussard discusses why we can believe the gospels when it comes to their account of the resurrection narrative.

  • Does the Resurrection Rip-Off Pagan Myths?

    A popular objection is that Jesus' resurrection is a rip-off of dying and rising deities within pagan mythology. Should Christians be alarmed by this? Karlo Broussard gives reasons why the answer is no.

  • Does It Matter that Science Can't Detect God?

    Atheists often try to justify their atheism by saying there is no scientific evidence for God. But as Karlo shows in this video, such a quest for truth starts off on the wrong foot, since science's methodology precludes it from being able to detect God.

  • Why is Sola Scriptura Unreasonable?

    Protestants believe the Bible is the only source for determining Christian truth. But as Karlo Broussard shows this belief is incoherent. If followed to its logical conclusion, Protestants would have to reject their knowledge of what Scripture is.

  • Is Bowing Before a Mary Statue Idolatry?

    Episode 30

    Protestants often say that Catholics worship Mary in their pious acts, such as when they bow before a statue of Mary. But this objection assumes that the act of bowing is necessarily an act of worship. In this Ready Reasons video, Karlo explains why this assumption is false and why Marian piety i...

  • Is Consent Alone Sufficient for Evaluating Sexual Behavior?

    Episode 32

    As lax as our culture is when it comes to sex, it still sees consent as a necessary condition for appropriate sexual behavior. But is consent the only moral criterion for evaluating sexual behavior? In this Ready Reasons video, Karlo explains why it's not.

  • How Do We Know the Tomb Was Empty?

    Episode 33

    Critics of Christianity often try to explain away the early Christian claim that Jesus rose from the dead by saying they either hallucinated or had visions of the dead Jesus. In this video, Karlo explains why the historicity of the empty tomb deals a lethal blow to these objections.

  • Must Bishops Be Married?

    Episode 34

    Some Protestants quote 1 Timothy 3:2 as proof that the Catholic discipline of celibate bishops is contrary to the bible. But does this text show what Protestants think it does? In this video, Karlo explains why it doesn't and what Paul really meant.

  • Is Jesus's Resurrection a Borrowed Idea from Judaism?

    Episode 35

    Christianity is often charged with being a copycat religion, especially when it comes to Jesus' resurrection. One such charge is that Jesus' resurrection is nothing but an idea borrowed from Judaism, since most first-century Jews believed that there would be a general resurrection at the end of t...

  • Are the Saints Aware of Our Prayers?

    Episode 36

    Seventh-day Adventists claim that the Bible proves that souls in the afterlife aren't cognitively aware of our lives on Earth, much less our prayer, and, if this is true, then invoking the saints to pray for us is futile. In this episode of Ready Reasons, Karlo shows why this objection doesn't de...

  • Did the Catholic Church Change the 10 Commandments?

    Episode 37

    Some Protestants claim that the Catholic Church changed the second commandment in order to justify its idolatrous practice of having graven images in its places of worship. But is this true? In this video, Karlo gives reasons why the Church didn't change the second commandment and why its practic...

  • Why Can't the Universe Be a Brute Fact?

    Episode 38

    Some atheists try to avoid the conclusion that God exists by saying the universe needs no explanation—that it's simply a brute fact. In this episode of Ready Reasons, Karlo shows how this view is self-defeating and thus unreasonable.