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Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons

Why are Protestant Bibles Smaller?

Episode 23 • 2m 34s

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  • Is Reincarnation Reasonable?

    Reincarnation, which literally means "to be made flesh again," is the belief that after death the soul lives on in another body, is believed by many around the world. Is it reasonable to hold this belief? Trent Horn gives reasons why we should reject the theory of reincarnation.

  • Is Religion a Crutch?

    Atheists sometimes attack religion by saying it's a crutch for the weak-minded. Karlo Broussard refutes this claim and explains how it is a weak argument against belief in God.

  • Is the Resurrection a Lie?

    Are the gospel accounts of Jesus' resurrection reliable? Or did the Apostles make the whole thing up? Karlo Broussard discusses why we can believe the gospels when it comes to their account of the resurrection narrative.