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Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons

Is Mary the Mother of God?

Episode 21 • 2m 48s

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  • Was Peter Ever in Rome?

    Some people say that St. Peter could not have been the bishop of Rome because he was never in Rome at all. Apologist Trent Horn gives reasons why we can believe that he not only spent time in Rome, but was martyred there as well.

  • Why are Protestant Bibles Smaller?

    Protestant often give Catholic's a hard time for having "added" six books to our bible, but is this what actually happened? Apologist Trent Horn explains what the deuterocanonical books are and gives solid reasons why they are part of the Bible.

  • Is Reincarnation Reasonable?

    Reincarnation, which literally means "to be made flesh again," is the belief that after death the soul lives on in another body, is believed by many around the world. Is it reasonable to hold this belief? Trent Horn gives reasons why we should reject the theory of reincarnation.