• Q&A with Dr. Ben Akers | The Augustine Institute Show

    Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Ben Akers answer your questions on the Augustine Institute Show! Join us for this episode discussing Holy Week and the Triduum.

  • Can you have faith but still feel afraid? | Chris Stefanick Show

    Monsters in the closet. Ghosts in the dark.
    Remember feeling afraid when you were little? Unfortunately, we don’t grow out of it. Now that we’re adults, we just have new things to be afraid of.

    But how does that square with having faith in Jesus? After all, Jesus says, “Be not afraid!”

  • How Can My Parish Use the Catechism?

    Dr. Ben Akers sits down with Edmund Mitchell, co-founder of the catechetical series Real + True, to discuss the exciting new program on the catechism called Real + True available on FORMED. This catechetical series created by Our Sunday Visitor walks through the Catechism of the Catholic Church w...

  • The Jeweler's Shop: Act Three

    Pope St. John Paul II is known as a great theologian, philosopher, and pastor. However, he was not only a great thinker but was also a man in tune with the arts, as demonstrated by his poetry and his work as a playwright. In this four-part series, Dr. Ben Akers and Dr. Scott Hefelfinger explore o...

  • The Augustine Institute Show - 05/17/22

    Ask your questions below in the chat or text them to 720-650-0100.

    Join Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. John Sehorn, the Academic Dean of the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology, to discuss devotion to Mary, Mother of the Church.

  • The Slugs and Bugs Show - Season 2

    9 items

    Welcome back to the workshop! Join Maggie, Sparky, Doug, and Morty on brand-new adventures! When they face difficulties, Randall and friends are there with songs that encourage them in a life of faith! With guests Ellie Holcomb, Propaganda, Andrew Peterson, Big Easy from the Harlem Globetrotters ...

  • The Warrior Maiden: St. Joan of Arc

    Dr. Tim Gray and author Paul McCusker discuss Paul's latest book "The Warrior Maiden: St. Joan of Arc" and the importance of books in forming the hearts and minds of kids. "The Warrior Maiden: St. Joan of Arc" is the story of 12 year-olds Andrew Perry and Eve Virtue as they travel alongside the y...

  • Catholic Spirituality and Baseball

    Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Michael Barber discuss baseball and how it relates to the life of a Catholic.

    Enjoy the Vin Scully Rosary on FORMED, here

    Enjoy the Lighthouse Talk:Stealing Home by Mike Sweeney, on FORMED here

  • The Catholic Approach to Politics | Chris Stefanick Show

    Can Catholicism solve our political issues?

    Society is pretty messy right now. But it’s hard to find solutions that really line up with Catholic teaching.

    Yet there’s a unique Catholic way to uphold human dignity, promote small business, and encourage people to work together for the common good...

  • This Week on FORMED (May 16, 2022)

    Mentioned in this video:

    Monday (May 16)
    - The Chris Stefanick Show
    - Virtue and Freedom Series
    - The Virgin Mary Revealed through Scripture by Dr. Scott Hahn

    Tuesday (May 17)
    - The Augustine Institute Show with Dr. Tim Gray, airing 7 pm EST
    - The Search // Episode 7 // Why a Church?