Bible Studies

Choose from a variety of Bible Studies designed to help you discover the relevant truth of Scripture and the tradition of the Catholic Church. Ideal for small groups or individual study.

  • Lectio: The Case for Jesus

    9 videos

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    Do you follow Jesus ‘on the way’?

    Can we trust the Gospels? Do we really know who wrote them? Do the Gospels communicate truth – or fabricated fables? Who is Jesus? Who did Jesus claim to be? Join Dr. Brant Pitre as he draws evidence from both early Chris...

  • Lectio: Mark with Dr. Tim Gray

    1 season

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    Lectio: Mark: Faith Not Fear
    Join Dr. Tim Gray in this powerful 14-part series to discover the Gospel of Mark like never before. Immerse yourself in this action-packe...

  • Lectio: Prayer Finding Intimacy with God with Dr. Tim Gray

    1 season

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    With the clear teaching and artistry of the Augustine Institute's Lectio series, Dr. Tim Gray masterfully uses the discipline of Lectio Divina to show you how to make prayer...

  • Lectio: Salvation with Dr. Michael Barber

    1 season

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    Lectio: Salvation New Life in Christ
    At every Sunday Mass, Catholics confess that Jesus came down from heaven "for us men and for our salvation." But what does "salvation" mean? In t...

  • Lectio: Peter with Dr. Tim Gray

    1 season

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    Lectio: Peter: Cornerstone of Catholicism
    The character of St. Peter is both inspiring and confounding to many of us. How could a stubborn and impulsive fisherman become ...

  • Lectio: Evangelization with Dr. Mary Healy

    1 season

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    In this 10-part Bible Study, Dr. Mary Healy combines insightful biblical study with Church teaching and practical advice to show how modern Catholics ...

  • Bible Study: The Gospel of Matthew

    36 videos

    Join scripture scholars Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Michael Barber as they dive into the Gospel of Matthew. This Bible study is part of a weekly series hosted on FORMED Now! We hope you enjoy this lively and faith-filled study of the first Gospel.

    Grab your Bible and follow along! We recommend the ESV-...

  • Our Story: A Basic Introduction to the Bible for Catholics

    1 season

    In a series of 5-minute video segments, get the Bible’s big picture, along with a uniquely Catholic approach to the Scriptures. There is a Leader’s Guide containing everything needed to use Our Story in a parish group setting, as well as a User’s Guide for those individuals using Our Story at home.

  • Acts of the Apostles with Mark Hart

    1 season

    Mark Hart gives a refresher on the Acts of the Apostles, which show us how to live as brothers and sisters in Christ led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Lectio: Philippians: with Dr. Tim Gray

    1 season

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    Lectio: Philippians: Life in Christ
    Toward the end of his life, under arrest and awaiting trial in Rome, Saint Paul writes a short but powerful letter to the Philippian...

  • Lectio: Mary with Dr. Brant Pitre

    1 season

    Lectio: Mary: The Bible and the Mother of God
    Why is Mary so important to Catholics, and why have so many people been devoted to her over the centuries? In this 8-part series, Dr. Brant Pitre examines what the Old and New Testaments, the life of Christ, and the early Church fathers reveal about t...

  • The Bible and the Virgin Mary

    1 season

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    The Bible and the Virgin Mary is based on the work of Dr. Scott Hahn. Dr. Hahn, an exceptionally popular speaker and teacher, has delivered hundreds of talks nationally and internationally on a wide ...

  • Lectio: Eucharist with Dr. Brant Pitre

    2 seasons

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    Lectio: Eucharist: Discovering the Mass in the Bible
    Acclaimed author and teacher Dr. Brant Pitre digs down to the biblical roots of the Eucharist, through its foresh...

  • A Bible Study on the Annunciation

    Dr. Ben Akers, associate professor of theology at the Augustine Institute Graduate School, leads us through a brief reflection on the scene of the Annunciation in Luke 1:26-38. He engages the scripture verses line by line highlighting some of the key Old Testament passages evoked by the angel Gab...

  • Lectio: San Marcos con Luis Soto

    1 season

    Adquiere las guías a todo color con un 60% de descuento

    ¿Es el Evangelio de San Marcos solamente una versión reducida de la vida de Jesús? ¿Qué nos ofrece este, el más corto de todos los evangelios, que Mateo, Lucas o Juan no ofrecen? Acompaña a Luis Soto en esta serie de 10 episodios, totalment...