Lectio: Prayer: Finding Intimacy with God with Dr. Tim Gray

Lectio: Prayer: Finding Intimacy with God with Dr. Tim Gray

7 Episodes

With the clear teaching and artistry of the Augustine Institute's Lectio series, Dr. Tim Gray masterfully uses the discipline of Lectio Divina to show you how to make prayer an effective effort of love and intimacy.

In six video sessions, Lectio: Prayer: Finding Intimacy with God captures the secret to opening our hearts and minds to Scripture as the means to hear from God and then respond in conversation, basking in his presence and resolving to live in and through his love.

Engaging and accessible, Prayer: Finding Intimacy With God includes:
-The Lectio Divina approach of Reading, Reflecting, Responding, and Contemplating
-Penetrating questions and insights for the six video sessions
-Additional resources for a fuller understanding and application
-Daily reflections to deepen the meaning of prayer in your life

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Lectio: Prayer: Finding Intimacy with God with Dr. Tim Gray
  • Lectio: Prayer trailer

    Episode 0

    Lectio: Prayer "Finding Intimacy with God" is a 6-part Bible Study led by scripture scholar Dr. Tim Gray.

    Watch the whole study

  • Prayer: An Intimate Dialogue

    Episode 1

    Prayer is one of the most basic elements of a life of faith, but it isn't always easy to do. Though we're taught that prayer is a "conversation," we often feel as if the conversation is completely one-sided. In this first session, Dr. Gray shows how the solution to the problem of prayer can be fo...

  • Guigo's Ladder: A Way of Ascent

    Episode 2

    Prayer may not always be easy, but sometimes we make it more difficult than it needs to be. In this session, Dr. Gray demonstrates how, like climbing the rungs on a ladder, following a simple order of prayer carries us from the cares of this world to intimate conversation with God.

  • Lectio & Meditatio: Climbing the First Rungs

    Episode 3

    In reading and meditating on Sacred Scripture, we begin to ascend the ladder of Lectio Divina as we open our hearts and minds to hear and understand God's words to us.

  • Oratio: Conversation with God

    Episode 4

    Using the example of St. Augustine and the Psalms, Dr. Gray teaches us how to make the most out of oratio and enjoy the fruits of an intimate conversation with Our Lord.

  • Contemplatio: The Gaze of Love

    Episode 5

    The desire of the Christian's heart is to see God. In contemplatio we rest at the pinnacle of the ladder of prayer, gazing upon God in love.

  • Resolutio: Putting Love into Action

    Episode 6

    Prayer that does not lead to action is empty. Dr. Gray demonstrates how, at the end of lectio divina, we take the step of resolutio and resolve to live out God's love as we put our prayer into action.