Why Believe? Volume 2

Why Believe? Volume 2

15 Seasons

Why Believe? offers a new apologetics in a year-long course intended for the use in the senior year of high school or freshman year of college. Purchase the textbooks: https://bit.ly/37x42br.
The New Evangelization requires a new apologetics, that is, a defense of the faith that responds to the questions that believers and non-believers alike are asking today with philosophical and theological arguments rooted in Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and the best philosophical reflection available. The curriculum consists of a two-volume textbook set and the many beautiful short-form videos you will find here.

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Why Believe? Volume 2
  • Friendship with the Saints

    Episode 1

    Dr. Christopher Blum highlights the great gift of “an old friend”—one whom we can rely on without reserve and who is able to “check our sense of reality”—and connects this idea to the saints.

  • The Burial of the Conde de Orgaz

    Episode 2

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein explains how El Greco’s The Burial of the Count of Orgaz beautifully captures “what it means to be a member of the Church.”