Chris Stefanick Show

Chris Stefanick Show

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did not say, “I came to make them boring.” Instead, he wants us to live life to the fullest. Dive into the heart and soul of what it means to be Catholic with Chris Stefanick and his guests LIVE every Monday at 7 p.m. (ET).

The Chris Stefanick Show is the most recent addition to the Augustine Institute’s robust and innovative programming, which aims to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith. Tune in every Monday at 7 p.m. (ET) to The Chris Stefanick Show on FORMED.

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Chris Stefanick Show
  • The INCREDIBLE Eucharistic Miracles w/Fr. Robert Spitzer | Chris Stefanick Show

    The Eucharist is one of the greatest signs of Christ’s love for us; not only did he want to be with us for 33 years and save us from our sins, but he also wanted to be united with us after his ascension in a radical way.

    Did you know there are miracles that back up the true presence of the Euch...

  • Saints, Stories, and the Sacraments with Paul McCusker | Chris Stefanick Show

    God reveals himself through stories, especially the stories of the saints. That’s why I asked legendary storyteller Paul McCusker to talk about his new audio drama, “Joan of Arc.”

    Paul was one of the founders of the Christian audio drama series “Adventures in Odyssey.” He now works with the Augu...

  • How To Share Your Faith: Part 1 | Chris Stefanick Show

    As Christians, we’re called by Christ to spread the message of His love to the four corners of the Earth. That doesn’t make it easy; the world hates us, and many people don’t have an interest in learning about a “hateful” community.

    But we still have to try to reach them. That’s why I’m on my ...

  • Meeting Christ in the Creation of Beauty w/Ted Schnack | Chris Stefanick Show

    Art is a powerful tool for growing closer to God. When we come into contact with a beautiful art piece, we learn something about the author of beauty: God Himself.

    That’s why I had professional artist (and my personal friend) Ted Schnack on the show. Tune in to hear how he seeks inspiration from...

  • Treating the Mentally Ill in prisons w/Matthew Crane | Chris Stefanick Show

    Sometimes it can be tempting to think of the people in prison as mere criminals, with few redeeming qualities and no rights to our compassion or love. But oftentimes these people are suffering, ill and have nowhere to go; we need to remember that they still have dignity as persons.

    That’s why I ...

  • Evangelizing Through Art w/Elizabeth Zelasko | Chris Stefanick Show

    The world is inherently beautiful, but artists create even more beauty to further remind us of the awesomeness of God. Catholic artist, and my sister, Elizabeth Zelasko’s iconography captures the eloquence of the Faith in exquisite detail. Through her work, Elizabeth evangelizes the Faith as she...

  • The Saints, Youth Ministry and Our Lady of Guadalupe | Chris Stefanick Show

    The Saints, Youth Ministry and Our Lady of Guadalupe w/Eddie Cotter | Chris Stefanick Show

    One of the greatest gifts God has given us is his mother, Mary. But how to have a true devotion to her isn’t always obvious. That’s why one of my best friends, Eddie Cotter, is back to give us even more ti...

  • The TRUTH About the Shroud of Turin w/Fr. Robert Spitzer | Chris Stefanick Show

    The Shroud of Turin is the subject of a lot of rumors, myths and controversies — maybe you’ve heard some of them yourself and don’t know what to believe.

    That’s why this week I hosted Fr. Robert Spitzer, a Jesuit scientist and scholar on the Shroud of Turin. He offered some amazing facts about ...

  • Science Supports Belief in God w/Fr. Robert Spitzer | Chris Stefanick Show

    Fr. Spitzer is back, and he has even MORE ways that science supports belief in God. This time, he’s talking about scientific evidence for the supernatural world.

    Some of the evidence is stunning: reports from near-death experiences (NDEs) show people recognizing long-dead relatives, seeing obje...

  • Why the Devil Hates (and Fears) Mary w/Fr. Chad Ripperger | Chris Stefanick Show

    Fr. Chad Ripperger is BACK for a fifth episode of Q&A! We’ll be discussing God, Mary and a bunch of fascinating stories about demons and why they denied God.

    If you haven’t watched our previous episodes with him, Fr. Chad is an experienced Catholic exorcist and, less importantly, a good friend ...

  • What’s an exorcist like off-duty? w/ Fr. Chad Ripperger

    Remember when we talked to Fr. Chad Ripperger? Those interviews blew up the internet! (The Catholic internet, at least.)

    Turns out, exorcists still fascinate people.

    But exorcists are real people too. What do they do for fun? How do they pray? And how do their parents react when they learn thei...

  • Learning the REAL history of St. Patrick w/ Eddie Cotter | Chris Stefanick Show

    A lot of misconceptions exist about St. Patrick and his feast day in modern America. Instead of celebrating one of the greatest missionaries in the history of the Church, people tend to observe St. Patrick’s Day by indulging, but there’s so much more to know about St. Patrick than a shamrock and ...

  • Healing Broken Marriages w/ Jackie and Wadi Barreto | Chris Stefanick Show

    “In good times and in bad” (or some variant) is a vital part of the marriage vows every Catholic couple says on their wedding day.

    But sometimes those “bad times” are actually much worse than we expect. Coldness, selfishness, infidelity and more can make many couples’ marriages go from a fairy...

  • Praising God & Playing D-I Soccer w/ Samantha Kelley | Chris Stefanick Show

    This week, we have another top athlete with us. She is a former Division I soccer player at the University of Connecticut. Samantha Kelley is the president of FIERCE athlete, a program designed to help women understand their femininity in the context of athletic competition.

    Samantha knows the ...

  • Paralympian Gold Medalist Dan McCoy | Chris Stefanick Show

  • Meeting God In Prayer w/ Fr. Timothy Gallagher | Chris Stefanick Show

    Sometimes it can feel impossible to meet God in our daily lives.

    Fitting real prayer in between our daily duties is difficult, and most of us don’t even know what it means to meditate on God’s presence. Fortunately, Fr. Timothy Gallagher is back with more incredible advice for meeting God in ou...

  • What does God want?! Rules for discernment | Chris Stefanick Show

    Even the most faithful Catholics struggle with discernment.

    Figuring out what God wants can really stress you out. But when you develop your discernment skills, you can relax. There’s no peace like knowing you’re in tune with God’s will.

    That’s why it’s so cool to have Fr. Timothy Gallagher wi...

  • From White Supremacy to Catholic Author | Chris Stefanick Show

    We always say that conversion is a possibility for anyone. But it can be tempting to think that there’s no hope for some people.

    Dr. Joseph Pearce used to be one of those people. He used to be a white supremacist neo-Nazi, and even spent time in prison.


    He’s one of the top Catholic int...

  • How To ACTUALLY Change Your Habits This Year | Chris Stefanick Show

    People everywhere try to change their lives with New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’ve made some yourself.

    The problem? Real change is hard. Like, REALLY hard. Which is why most New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

    But if you’ve failed at your resolutions, it doesn’t make you bad or lazy. I...

  • Unpacking Pope Benedict’s life and writings | Chris Stefanick Show

    We can all use some hope. Lucky for us, Pope Benedict XVI wrote a whole encyclical about it.

    So in honor of his recent passing, we’re going to explore what this great pope said about the virtue of hope.

    And to do that, we’re joined by Fr. Brian Larkin, who is a priest in the Archdiocese of Den...

  • The incredible true story of Our Lady of Guadalupe | Chris Stefanick Show

    You’ve heard about the New Evangelization. But it’s really nothing new. You could say it kicked off back in the 1530s.

    That’s when Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared.

    Even though it was hundreds of year ago, the world was eerily similar to today: thousands of people leaving the Church, and culture...

  • LOTR and Catholicism w/Joseph Pearce | Chris Stefanick Show

    You’ve almost definitely heard of Lord of the Rings; it’s pretty much the greatest fantasy epic in the history of Western Literature.

    But do you know about its Catholic influence?

    Joseph Pearce, one of the top Catholic intellectuals in the world and a leading Tolkien scholar, is joining Chri...

  • The best (and hardest) part of becoming Catholic | Chris Stefanick Show

    When we last talked to Jeremy Rivera, he told us about his wild and wonderful journey back to the Catholic Church.

    But that wasn’t the end of the story.

    Returning to Catholicism was great for Jeremy, but it wasn't just “happily ever after.” He had to figure out how to have the kind of life that...

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. | Chris Stefanick Show

    Nobody likes a grumpy saint.

    You could be the most pious person walking the face of the Earth. But if you're a spiritual curmudgeon, then you’re kinda missing the whole point.

    Because God wants you to HAVE FUN!

    Like St. Teresa of Avila once said, “A sad nun is a bad nun.”
    In fact, having fun i...