Chris Stefanick Show

Chris Stefanick Show

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did not say, “I came to make them boring.” Instead, he wants us to live life to the fullest. Dive into the heart and soul of what it means to be Catholic with Chris Stefanick and his guests LIVE every Monday at 7 p.m. (ET).

The Chris Stefanick Show is the most recent addition to the Augustine Institute’s robust and innovative programming, which aims to help Catholics understand, live, and share their faith. Tune in every Monday at 7 p.m. (ET) to The Chris Stefanick Show on FORMED.

Audience interaction is encouraged! Text in your questions to 720-650-0100 and Chris may answer them live on the show.

Chris Stefanick Show
  • Living without Fear of Death w/ Fr. Michael O'Loughlin | Chris Stefanick Show

    Chris got to sit down with Fr. Michael O’Loughlin, one of his great friends. Fr. Michael is the pastor at the Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary in Los Angeles. He recently drove six hours to be with Chris’s mother-in-law in the final hours of her life and subsequently celebrated her funeral Mass.


  • Interview with an Exorcist: This Man is Fearless | Chris Stefanick Show

    On this episode, Chris sits down with his friend, Fr. Chad Ripperger, who is a REAL LIFE exorcist. While this episode does talk about some serious situations, they’re not going to get into the crazy stuff you see in scary movies. Spiritual warfare is a REAL thing and it’s time to put on the armo...

  • A Conversation with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Coping with Success | Chris Stefanick Show

    Today, Chris is sitting down with THE Fr. Mike Schmitz, at his father's cabin! Chris has known Father Mike for a long time, and is excited to share this conversation with you. It's raw, honest, and INSPIRING! We also get a glimpse at his daily routine, and Chris asks him about the source of his e...

  • Fr. Mike's Origin Story: What Nobody Knows About Him | Chris Stefanick Show

    Chris gets personal with Fr. Mike Schmitz in Part TWO of their amazing conversation! If you can’t tell, Fr. Mike’s joy and love for the Lord is SO contagious! But his story is NOT what you would think!

  • Struggling to Forgive, Finding Healing | Chris Stefanick Show

    On today’s episode Chris sits down with friends Jim Beckman and Fr. Ken Geraci and discussed seven key scripture passages that deal with forgiveness and healing. This topic is anything but easy. Forgiveness is gritty and raw. This episode does get a deep, but it is so worth the listen!

    Not ready...

  • Masculinity: They Have it All Wrong | Chris Stefanick Show

    Today you hear Chris speak at a conference to an audience of men who are confused by the modern world. Young men are told that they are BAD and TOXIC and are left asking the question, “who AM I supposed to be?”

    Today we answer that question. There are role models of what it means to be a true MA...

  • Stand Your Ground w/ Mark Houck | Chris Stefanick Show

    In this episode, you can hear a clip of Chris speaking at a conference. He explains that the world hates men who say the word, “NO.” So often in today’s culture, we are called to draw boundaries. We can feel like a tiny David against the Goliath of Cancel Culture and the Internet. The culture tri...

  • Finding Joy in the Midst of Suffering | Chris Stefanick Show

    In suffering we find STRENGTH, and in suffering we find JOY. In this episode, Chris sits down with two students at Ave Maria University who are showing me what this means. One student has a congenital joint disorder, and another who is paralyzed from the waist down from a tragic car accident. Whi...

  • Fire in the Hearts of God's People | Chris Stefanick Show

    On this week’s episode, Chris brings you along for his parish mission in Hawaii, one month after over 100 people lost their lives in the fires. Lots of questions remain to be answered. But for us, we dive into the most important questions: “Where was, and where is God in the midst of all this?”

  • Billionaire Mindset? Interview w/Tom Monaghan of Domino's | Chris Stefanick Show

    In this episode, Chris interviews billionaire Tom Monaghan of Domino's Pizza. We track how he rose from an orphanage to trading pizzas for dental work, to being the founder of Domino's Pizza, arguably the founder of fast
    food delivery, and a billionaire... and then how Mr. Monaghan has spent “ret...

  • How to Kill Your Smartphone before it Kills You | Chris Stefanick Show

    In this episode, Chris travels to Ave Maria University to speak to college students about their addiction to social apps and smartphones. This addiction is leading a generation to new levels of anxiety, discontent, and spiritual ruin.

    But there is hope! Today Chris meets students who have had en...

  • A Murder in Florida & Martyrs Today w/ Gia Chacón | Chris Stefanick Show

    Meet Gia Chacon. Gia is a humanitarian, motivational speaker, and founder of "For the Martyrs" and the "March for the Martyrs." She first began her humanitarian efforts in 2017 and has since traveled to Central America, East Africa, and throughout the Middle East.

  • Sharing Your Faith with a World that Doesn't Want It | Chris Stefanick Show

    In this episode of the Chris Stefanick show, we are reminded of Christ's call to be fishers of men! See firsthand the encouragement Chris gave to a huge crowd in Portugal on how and why to share the love of Jesus with others. Also, hear from some Missionaries of Joy the ways they live out their f...

  • Chris’ World Youth Day | Chris Stefanick Show

    This week, Chris takes you with him to the biggest Catholic event of the year, World Youth Day!

    Watch as he shows you the MASSIVE crowd meeting in Portugal and meets people from around the world!

    After the vlog, Chris talks about the right way to approach World Youth Day, how to deal with negat...

  • Can the homeless keep you from Hell? w/ Blake Brouillette | Chris Stefanick Show

    You pull up to the street corner. There’s that grungy guy again, holding his cardboard sign.

    You feel a nudge like you should help him somehow. But the idea scares you. So you avoid eye contact.

    Jesus makes it crystal clear that we need to serve the poor. Yet every time we see an opportunity, w...

  • Flourishing as a Single Catholic w/Chad Etzel | Chris Stefanick Show

    Dating in the Catholic world can be stressful and lonely.

    Finding someone to date often seems impossible. Even well-intentioned married friends frequently add pressure to meet someone NOW.

    But life as a single Catholic doesn’t have to be miserable.

    Chad Etzel helps single Catholics be their be...

  • Yoga, Spirituality & the Search for Meaning w/Alex Frank | Chris Stefanick Show

    We live in a culture starved for meaning, and people are willing to look for it almost anywhere. This has led to an entire subculture of gurus, “mindfulness” and yoga, and some Catholics aren’t sure whether they should be involved.

    Alex Frank was deeply immersed in that world; his spiritual dir...

  • Why We Need Prayer | Chris Stefanick Show

    It shouldn’t be surprising that THE most important thing for our relationship with God is to talk to him. That’s why I’m alone today to talk about Prayer, why we need it and how to do it to best love the Lord.

    So much evil in the Church today is a direct result of a failure to pray. Fortunately,...

  • The Catholic View on Justification and Salvation | Chris Stefanick Show

    Many Christians just take it for granted that God changes us to bring us closer to Him. But many don’t actually know what it MEANS to be changed — the technical term is “justified” — by God.

    The answer isn’t as easy as it sounds; Protestants and Catholics have two different answers to the just...

  • How Did Jesus Pray? w/Scott Powell | Chris Stefanick Show

    Have you ever said, “I don’t have time to pray”? I have — way too many times.

    That’s like saying we don’t have time to breathe. Without air, we die. Without prayer, we die spiritually.

    My long-time friend Scott Powell is here to give us a reality check about our prayer lives. Be warned, he dem...

  • How to Live Real Masculinity | Chris Stefanick Show

    Masculinity is under attack right now. Organizations are trying to break down the family, men are told that their nature is “toxic,” and marriage is collapsing at the feet of broken husbands. We can’t afford to keep suffering from mediocre men.

    Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the end of the...

  • How To Share Your Faith: Part 2 | Chris Stefanick Show

    A few weeks ago, I did a solo show to tell you why the world needs YOU to share the gospel. Now I’m going to explain how to do it. Christ has entrusted us with a role in His salvation plan and we MUST take part in it. Souls are on the line.

    I’m by myself again to offer some stories and crucial ...

  • Healing From Wounds & Forgiveness w/Fr. Chad Ripperger | Chris Stefanick Show

    We all have wounds, attachments and weaknesses, and our culture has a lot of answers as to how we ought to heal from them. But did you know that they have spiritual implications — and spiritual cures — too?

    Fr. Chad Ripperger is back to tell us how our wounds can provide the Devil with footholds...

  • The INCREDIBLE Eucharistic Miracles w/Fr. Robert Spitzer | Chris Stefanick Show

    The Eucharist is one of the greatest signs of Christ’s love for us; not only did he want to be with us for 33 years and save us from our sins, but he also wanted to be united with us after his ascension in a radical way.

    Did you know there are miracles that back up the true presence of the Euch...