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The Great Refusal | Rooted | Episode 3

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The Image of God | Rooted | Episode 2

Episode 2 • 7m 37s

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  • The Great Refusal | Rooted | Episode 3

    Have you ever thought about just how much time and effort we invest in making ourselves independent? To be independent of the fluctuations of seasons, we have elaborate systems of agriculture and transport. To be invulnerable to financial pain, we save, we invest, we have credit cards, 401(k)s, s...

  • Cain and His Descendants | Rooted | E...

    Cain is a living contradiction. He relies on God for his life, but he also denies this reliance by taking matters into his own hands, most notably taking his own brother’s life. How do we make sense of this situation?

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  • God Favors the Simple | Rooted | Epis...

    After an epic opening about the Nephilim—the mighty men of the earth—Genesis 6 moves right along to wickedness and then to Noah. It’s almost a letdown... where are all the heroic deeds? But Genesis makes a powerful point: God’s favor takes no notice of the mighty and instead rests on Noah.

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