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God Favors the Simple | Rooted | Episode 5

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Cain and His Descendants | Rooted | Episode 4

Episode 4 • 7m 13s

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  • God Favors the Simple | Rooted | Epis...

    After an epic opening about the Nephilim—the mighty men of the earth—Genesis 6 moves right along to wickedness and then to Noah. It’s almost a letdown... where are all the heroic deeds? But Genesis makes a powerful point: God’s favor takes no notice of the mighty and instead rests on Noah.

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  • Babel | Rooted | Episode 6

    Do you remember hearing the story of Babel as a child and being impressed by the magnificent tower? But then God punishes the people! Is God being petty or fickle here? What's going on?

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  • Radical Faith | Rooted | Episode 7

    So far in Genesis, we've seen a recurring cycle of goodness, sin, and God’s merciful intervention. Creation, fall, promise of redemption. Family life, fratricide, promise of protection. Descendants, flood, promise of the covenant. After Babel, God makes yet another merciful move to lead us back t...