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Rome Reports

10 Episodes

Rome Reports is an international TV news agency based in Rome, Italy, featuring programs that cover the Pope and the Vatican.

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Rome Reports
  • Francis: The People's Pope

    Episode 1

    On March 13, 2013, cardinals stunned the world when they elected Pope Francis, the first Latin American Pope. But what did they see in the 76-year-old Jesuit? Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?

    ROME REPORTS travels to Argentina to investigate and discover more about what shaped Pope Francis. From h...

  • Pius XII and the Holocaust

    Episode 2

    A revealing inside look at Pope Pius XII's crucial role in helping hundreds of thousands of Jews escape Nazi persecution. See detailed documents and hear first-hand accounts of the clandestine efforts ordered by the pope. Hear a Holocaust survivor tell the story of the nuns who hid him in a conve...

  • John Paul the Great: A Pope Who Made History

    Episode 3

    This moving retrospective on John Paul II follows the story of his life from his youthful days in Poland to his entry into the priesthood to his long and legendary papacy. Witness highlighted moments that made history and touched millions around the world in this sentimental look at one of the mo...

  • Revolution of John XXIII: The Second Vatican Council

    Episode 4

    Rome, 1959. Cardinals elect a 76 year old Pope, hoping for an uneventful pontificate without surprises. But John XXIII surprised everyone.

    With the Second Vatican Council, Pope John XXIII launched the greatest revolution in the modern history of the Catholic Church. He summoned the world's bis...

  • Christmas in Rome: A Celebration of the Nativity

    Episode 5

    The birth of Jesus changed the course of human history. Christmas marks one of the greatest days on the Christian calendar, and nowhere celebrates the birth of the Savior like the Holy City of Rome. Christmas in Rome follows the celebration of the Nativity throughout history, from a tiny grotto i...

  • Holy Week in Rome: A Journey with the Pope

    Episode 6

    See how Holy Week is commemorated in Rome. Hear from theologians, professors, art historians, and Vatican officials about Jesus' last days on earth and how those moments have been relived throughout the centuries in Church ceremony and art.

    From the washing of the feet to the walk to Calvary, P...

  • Jubilee: 700 Years Seeking Forgiveness

    Episode 7

    Travel with some of the great experts and cultural leaders of the Church to the four Basilicas in Rome, where pilgrims have visited for centuries. Join the experts as they teach us how each of the four Holy Doors has something to teach us about the Jubilee Year.

    The documentary focuses especia...

  • Benedict XVI: A Love Affair with the Truth

    Episode 8

    A compelling inside look at the life and times of Joseph Ratzinger and the challenging pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. This biographical documentary covers his childhood, his rise within the Catholic Church, and the first few years of his papacy as the Vicar of Christ.

    It contains unique foo...

  • Paul of Tarsus: Messenger of Jesus Christ

    Episode 9

    Widely considered Christianity's greatest evangelizer, Paul of Tarsus dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel, travelling far and wide to deliver the word of God. His journeys ultimately brought him to the heart of the Roman empire, where Christianity took root.

    Shot on location in Rome, th...

  • The Year of Two Popes: The Election of Benedict XVI

    Episode 10

    2005 was a bittersweet year for the Catholic Church. The faithful were dealt a heavy blow with the loss of a great leader. But that pain was tempered with the ascension of Cardinal Ratzinger to the papacy. Witness the historical events as they unfolded on the world stage with the election of the ...