Revive for Parishes

Revive courses provide insights, practical steps, and training for your staff, catechists, and parish leader volunteers. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from the best with over 10 hours of expert training. These 3 courses Evangelization with Chris Stefanick, Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz, and Loving and Serving The Poor with Fr. Mark Mary Ames, CFR are more than inspiration -they offer real practical solutions.

  • Evangelization with Chris Stefanick

    22 videos

    We are all on a mission. Do you know what it is? Have you planned the goals and oriented your life to achieve it? Pope Paul VI famously said, "the Church exists to evangelize" - that is, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and make disciples.

    Spreading the Gospel and inviting others into a ...

  • Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz

    30 videos

    Have you ever wondered what the term "missionary disciple" means? Who can become one? And even more significant, what "missionary" activity should they be participating in?

    Let author and speaker Julianne Stanz teach you from her wealth of insights after decades of training men and women to emb...

  • Loving and Serving the Poor with Fr. Mark Mary Ames, CFR

    29 videos

    How do we view those less fortunate than us? How do we love them, serve them, and help them encounter Christ? These questions are challenging, and honestly, much easier to avoid by dropping a few dollars into a special collection for the poor. While this act is generous, Christ calls us to so muc...

  • Parish Renewal with Tim Glemkowski

    25 videos

    What does it take to renew a parish culture?

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    Evangelization with Chris Stefanick
    Loving and Serving The Poor with Fr. Mark Mary Ames, CFR

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