Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz

Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz

Have you ever wondered what the term "missionary disciple" means? Who can become one? And even more significant, what "missionary" activity should they be participating in?

Let author and speaker Julianne Stanz teach you from her wealth of insights after decades of training men and women to embrace their call to become missionary disciples. In her four hour class designed for all Catholics, Julianne provides rich examples, stories, and ideas to help us deepen our faith in our walk with Christ... and to go on mission, even in our neighborhoods and communities.

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Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz
  • Chapter 1: Our Renewal Moment

    In this course, Julianne Stanz, the Director of Parish Life and Evangelization for the Diocese of Green Bay, will present principles, processes, and practicals to help your parish mobilize to make missionary disciples. As Julianne’s introduction makes clear, our parishes are in a moment where rea...

  • Chapter 2: Introduction

    To use a GPS or map, you need to know two things: where you are and where you want to go. This section is about first identifying where we are as a Catholic Church in the U.S. in this moment and how we got here.

  • Chapter 3: How Did We Get Here?

    In this chapter, Julianne focuses on why there is occasionally a level of discomfort in our American parishes with concepts like evangelization and discipleship. Julianne clarifies that when you encounter parishioners who are afraid to share the Gospel, it is often because of the social and histo...

  • Chapter 4: Let’s Take a Look at the Data

    After laying the historical groundwork, Julianne continues painting the picture of our current cultural context by unpacking some of the data that shows where both the Church and the U.S. culture are at demographically.

  • Chapter 5: How Has This Impacted the Catholic Church in the U.S.?

    If we are going to lead renewal by forming missionary disciples, we need to know who the people are that we are encountering—both in our pews and in our cities—and what they believe. That is what Julianne unpacks in this chapter.

  • Chapter 6: Introduction

    In this section of chapters, we must first define the terms. Words are important because they clarify and explain. However, if we are not careful, terms like “missionary discipleship” and “evangelization” can become buzzwords that lose their meaning. Where they are intended to bring clarity, they...

  • Chapter 7: New Evangelization? What’s Wrong with the Old One?

    In this chapter, Julianne discusses the three elements of the New Evangelization that separates it from “the old one.”

  • Chapter 8: Defining Discipleship

    Rather than assuming we all know what discipleship is, Julianne walks us through examples and practical explanations to make the buzzword tangible.

  • Chapter 9: What is a Missionary Disciple?

    Taking it a step further, Stanz elaborates upon what a missionary disciple looks like, particularly within a parish.

  • Chapter 10: Making Jesus’ Process of Discipleship Your Own

    What was Jesus’s process of evangelizing? How can you make it “your own” in this day and age? It turns out, it’s quite simple!

  • Chapter 11: Introduction

    In this section, Julianne unpacks the first stage in Jesus’s process of making missionary disciples. Using Jesus’s request (or encouragement) to His Apostles to “come and see,” Julianne walks through some strategies for how you as a parish can do the work of “pre-evangelization.”

  • Chapter 12: Start with Prayer

    This chapter notes how critical prayer is for us to be disciples of the Lord on mission. Julianne gives some practical tips that are simple yet challenging.

  • Chapter 13: “Share Prayer”

    Julianne gives five practical steps to “share prayer” so that you can begin doing this today!

  • Chapter 14: Bearers of Old Lore: Sharing Your Story

    This chapter gives us a simple and easy formula to create a template for our own story to be shared with others easily. Vulnerability breeds friendship and friendship breeds discipleship.

  • Chapter 15: Purposeful Hospitality

    Are those who walk into your parish doors greeted with warm hospitality? A sense of “welcome home?” If the answer is no, then your parish cannot be a powerful center of discipleship. Julianne makes it very easy and practical to begin prioritizing hospitality towards parishioners and visitors.

  • Chapter 16: Introduction

    This chapter introduces the next section, “Follow Me”. This section focuses on the crux of Jesus’s invitation to a life of missionary discipleship. All ministry flows toward and from this moment of Jesus’s invitation to conversion to come and follow Him with our whole lives. This is the heart of ...

  • Chapter 17: Thresholds of Conversion

    This chapter discusses the five distinct movements in one’s journey from skepticism to belief and discipleship and how you can identify them, helping you connect with that individual.

  • Chapter 18: The Good News is Good News: Proclaiming the Kerygma

    Julianne Stanz answers the question, “What is the kerygma?” and gives the five elements of it so that you can begin to practice using it for those at this stage in the discipleship process.

  • Chapter 19: The Art of Accompaniment

    In what way can you be a tour guide rather than a travel agent to those you encounter in your life? Who is one person that comes to mind that you can walk alongside? Julianne gives three practical tips so that you can master the art of accompaniment.

  • Chapter 20: Introduction

    This chapter introduces us to the next section, “Remain in Me.” Once people in our parishes start to follow Jesus as disciples, how do they grow? In this section, Julianne Stanz looks at Jesus’s words to His disciples, “Remain united in me,” as a sort of summary for our efforts to mature and grow...

  • Chapter 21: Community is Crucial

    This chapter is incredibly impactful because most of what we already do as parishes falls under the category of catechesis. Julianne Stanz gives us some creative ways to reinforce what we already are doing well and to rethink some of the ways we have always done things. How can we best create a t...

  • Chapter 22: Catechesis Isn’t Passe

    This chapter is incredibly impactful because most of what we already do as parishes falls under the category of catechesis. Julianne Stanz gives us some creative ways to reinforce what we already are doing well and to rethink some of the ways we have always done things. How can we best create a t...

  • Chapter 23: Unlocking Spiritual Gifts

    It is vital to have a tool to unlock the spiritual giftings of those in the church - friends, volunteers, coworkers, staff, employees - they all can play a critical role in the vibrance of our parish! What could your parish look like if you allowed and invited people to use their gifts?

  • Chapter 24: Programs: Help or Hindrance?

    This is where the rubber meets the road: programs for our parish… are they helpful or just a hindrance to the parish’s success and growth? Julianne says it depends in this crucial chapter.