• Opening the Word Weekly Reflection

    1 video

    Welcome to Opening the Word, a program offering prayer and insights for the Sunday Readings. Featuring a variety of experienced presenters including Dr. Tim Gray, Mary Healy, Scott Powell, Dr. Edward Sri, and Fr. John Riley, Martha Fernandez, and Ben Akers, the videos are designed to facilitate t...

  • FORMED Daily Reflections

    3 seasons

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    Start your day off right. Be inspired and renewed each morning with clips from Catholic authors, speakers, movies, talks, and more.

  • Logos palabras de vida

    2 seasons

    El Padre Agustino Torres CFR, fundador de la organización católica Corazón Puro, nos invita cada domingo a meditar sobre la palabra de Dios, a hacerla viva y a transformarnos a través de ella.

  • GIVEN Forum Talks

    2 seasons

    The GIVEN Institute (“GIVEN”) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to activating the gifts of young adult women for the Catholic Church and the world. We inspire and equip the next generation of female leaders to “receive the gift that they are; realize the gifts they’ve been given; and res...

  • Lenten Reflections

    1 season

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    Christ’s love for you is bursting forth. Embrace him and let his mercy pierce your heart during this Lenten season. Join us for a 40-day journey of welcoming his tender love, beginning with these s...

  • Reflexiones de Cuaresma 2020

    Movie + 46 extras

    Serie de Reflexiones de Cuaresma de corta duración con el Padre José Román Flecha. Año Litúrgico A.
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