Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week
  • Network of Freedom with English Subtitles

    Set in France at the beginning of World War II, this inspiring film narrates the heroic work of Sister Helene Studler, the Daughter of Charity who saved the lives of thousands of French refugees by preventing them from becoming prisoners of the Nazi forces, or freeing those who were captured. Amo...

  • FORMED Now! Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. John Sehorn discuss the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    To grow deeper in your faith as it relates to Mary, here are a few other resources which may be helpful:

    Lectio: Mary, Bible Study with Dr. Brant Pitre

    Mary: The Indispensable Mother of God, a talk by Tim S...

  • Encountering the Poor: Biblical Roots for Catholic Social Teaching by Tim Gray

    Dr. Timothy Gray is the president of the Augustine Institute and is a well-known Scripture scholar and Catholic speaker. With his eloquent style and polished delivery, Dr. Gray expounds upon the teachings of the Catholic Church surrounding social justice in light of Sacred Scripture. Discover how...

  • Into the Breach – Episode 3: Leadership

    This content was created for and is most appropriate for use by men or men’s groups.

    Men must become leaders through developing their character. True leadership seeks greatness and brings out greatness in others. Robert Yates discusses his service in the Air Force and highlights the importance...

  • FORMED Now! Pope Saint Gregory the Great

    Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. John Sehorn discuss Pope St. Gregory the Great and his impact on the church.

  • Love—Sacrifice—Trust: He Showed Us the Way by Fr. Mike Schmitz

    Fr. Mike Schmitz shares important insights on the meaning of Christ's Cross. He shows how God's rescue mission for us includes the need for each person to embrace his own cross in order to reestablish trust in the Father and the understanding that love requires sacrifice. It also includes a bonus...