Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week
  • Everyday Heroes

    Heroism is not some unattainable ideal. Heroism is a worthy goal that lies within our grasp. That is the central message of Everyday Heroes, a new documentary film featuring the witnesses of remarkable Brother Knights whose courage, faith and commitment to charity embody the mission of the Knight...

  • Lectio: The Case for Jesus

    9 videos

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    Do you follow Jesus ‘on the way’?

    Can we trust the Gospels? Do we really know who wrote them? Do the Gospels communicate truth – or fabricated fables? Who is Jesus? Who did Jesus claim to be? Join Dr. Brant Pitre as he draws evidence from both early Chris...

  • 12 Stories about Aquinas with Peter Kreeft

    Matt Fradd sits down with Peter Kreeft as he shares 12 quick stories about Saint Thomas Aquinas.

  • Father Michael McGivney: An American Blessed

    In May 2020, Pope Francis approved a decree recognizing a miracle attributed to the intercession of Father Michael McGivney, paving the way for his beatification. This new powerful documentary highlights Father McGivney’s inspiring example of fraternal charity, evangelization, and empowerment of ...

  • Session 1: Jesus: Model and Master of Prayer.

    Jesus not only preaches about the importance of prayer, he models it for us in the gospels. In this session we reflect on some scripture passages in the New Testament which show us how and when Jesus prays along with how he teaches us to pray.

  • Discerning God's Will by Fr. Larry Richards

    "How do I know what God wants?" Knowing the will of God can be an intimidating topic for people of all ages. In this talk, Fr. Larry Richards, the founder of "The Reason for Our Hope" foundation, delves into the process of discernment. With personal stories, practical steps, and sound advice, Fr....