Watch this video and more on FORMED

Watch this video and more on FORMED

6th Sunday of Easter—May 26, 2019

Episode 24 • 5m 57s

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  • 7th Sunday of Easter—June 2, 2019

    Place yourself in today's Gospel reading, and imagine being in the room with Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper. Jesus sits up and begins to talk. Listen attentively to his prayer to the Heavenly Father.

  • Pentecost Sunday—June 9, 2019

    In the last night of his life, Jesus prayed specifically for his followers to have unity. He said that, through unity, the disciples would bear a powerful witness to his name. Why, on the darkest night of his life, was he thinking about that? The answer is seen in his example: in unity, there is ...

  • Trinity Sunday—June 16, 2019

    In today's Gospel reading, we see that God's very life is one of communion. In the Trinity, we see a relationship of giving and receiving, a communion of life and love. God exists as a relationship of Persons. He is Three, and yet the "Lord God is One." How are we to bring this kind of Oneness — ...