Me and My House

Me and My House

4 Seasons

Me & My House is a practical game plan for Catholic parents who are struggling with all the things that parents struggle with. We challenge you to do little things. To make little changes that will make a huge impact on your family.
In this Catholic Parenting Program, you will discover the foundations that can strengthen your motherhood and fatherhood. You will learn the habits that can make parenting easier, and the habits that you absolutely want to avoid. In fact, we will get so practical that we'll discuss discipline and how to set boundaries, so that by the end of the program you will have a very clear sense of how you want to build your unique family culture with the children God has given you.
We have also included an entire section on the Faith, so that you can begin guiding your son or daughter towards God's plan for their lives in a way that is natural and effective. Our host, Patrick Sullivan holds degrees in Literature, Education, and Theology. His talks have been aired on Shalom World Television and EWTN, and he travels internationally to lead seminars and conferences on Catholic parenting. Patrick is married to the love of his life, Kyla, and is the proud father of 9 children, one of whom is praying for him from heaven.
The program runtime is approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes

Me and My House
  • Introduction to the Module

    Episode 1

    A quick introduction to Module 4 to get you started!

  • A Piety of Their Own

    Episode 2

    As you mature in your relationship with God, you may find that certain practices of the faith benefit you more than others. The same applies to your children. If the goal is to help your son or daughter to both love the Lord and speak to Him from the heart, then you need to allow your child to de...

  • Their Language of Evangelization

    Episode 3

    Can you recognize the way in which each of your children best connects with God? Knowing this can greatly transform the way parents encourage their children to grow to know and love Him. In this lesson, Patrick explains how knowing your child's language of evangelization gives you the blueprint f...

  • Natural Born Virtues

    Episode 4

    Do you ever catch a glimpse of your children as saints in the making? These are often the moments when you see the particular virtues God has given them as they seek to love and serve those around them. In this lesson, Patrick helps parents identify which of the cardinal and theological virtues a...

  • The Christian Imagination

    Episode 5

    It is a poverty to think that many Christians will spend little time developing their imaginations. However, good art, good storytelling, and simply observing the world through a Christian lens can help young minds to make the best of their time on earth. In this lesson, Patrick reminds us of the...

  • Root Out That Vice

    Episode 6

    Every person tends to struggle with particular vices that are observable through the choices they make. When we're children, how these are handled influences the way these vices develop in our lives. In this lesson, Patrick identifies the three common vices our children struggle with and what par...

  • It's Time to Get Comfortable

    Episode 7

    As parents who want to be better at passing on the Faith to our children, it is essential that we use the best means available to us. In this lesson, Patrick shows us why the Bible and Catechism are the two most fundamental tools that we can have in our homes, and how using these two books can gr...

  • It's Time to Celebrate

    Episode 8

    Almost all children are naturally drawn to the excitement and wonder of celebrations. However,
    these celebrations can quickly lose their meaning if parents are not intentional with them. In this lesson, Patrick talks about how we can make the most of religious celebrations by remembering to poin...

  • Conclusion to the Game Plan

    Episode 9

    A final word from our host, Patrick Sullivan.