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Watch this video and more on FORMED

Their Language of Evangelization

7m 21s

Up Next in Module 4: Raising Them in the Faith

  • Natural Born Virtues

    Do you ever catch a glimpse of your children as saints in the making? These are often the moments when you see the particular virtues God has given them as they seek to love and serve those around them. In this lesson, Patrick helps parents identify which of the cardinal and theological virtues a...

  • The Christian Imagination

    It is a poverty to think that many Christians will spend little time developing their imaginations. However, good art, good storytelling, and simply observing the world through a Christian lens can help young minds to make the best of their time on earth. In this lesson, Patrick reminds us of the...

  • Root Out That Vice

    Every person tends to struggle with particular vices that are observable through the choices they make. When we're children, how these are handled influences the way these vices develop in our lives. In this lesson, Patrick identifies the three common vices our children struggle with and what par...