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The Lectio series is a growing video library of Catholic Bible studies, rich with sacred art and stories from the lives of the saints. Led by distinguished faculty members of the Augustine Institute, topics include individual books of the Bible, prayer, evangelization, Mary, and the case for Jesus. Each topic is divided into sessions for small-group study. The accompanying workbooks provide additional information, space for guided reflection, and a call to prayer.

- The Case for Jesus with Dr. Brant Pitre
- Salvation with Dr. Michael Barber
- Mary with Dr. Brant Pitre
- San Marcos con Luis Soto
- Evangelization with Dr. Mary Healy
- Eucharist with Dr. Brant Pitre
- Prayer Finding Intimacy with God with Dr. Tim Gray
- Philippians with Dr. Tim Gray
- Peter with Dr. Tim Gray
- Mark with Dr. Tim Gray

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  • Episode 1: Why Study Acts?

    Episode 1

    "We'll talk about signs of our modern times—sobering reminders of how desperately our world needs a restoration of a biblical worldview. We also look at the missionary character of the Church and answer the question: How can the evangelization efforts of the early Church help us today?

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  • Lectio: Evangelization: Episode 2: Clothed with Power

    Episode 2

    The descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost brought about a radical transformation in the Apostles and, through them, the whole world. That same Spirit is still at work in the Church and the world today. How can we rediscover the dramatic power of the Spirit in our lives?

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  • Episode 3: Proclaiming the Kerygma

    Episode 3

    "This session looks at the Pentecost preaching of St. Peter, focusing on the kerygma and the call to evangelization. Just what did St. Peter preach that brought 3,000 to Baptism on Pentecost?

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  • Episode 4: Signs and Wonders

    Episode 4

    The early life of the Church was as full of signs and wonders as Christ's public ministry. Do miracles still happen, and do they have a role to play in the New Evangelization?

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  • Episode 5: How Jesus Makes an Evangelist

    Episode 5

    How is Jesus working in our lives to fulfill his call to evangelize? Christ has commissioned each of us to be his missionary disciples, just as he has individually chosen each instrument of evangelization from the beginning of the Church.

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  • Episode 6: Sacraments and the Spirit

    Episode 6

    How do the Sacraments impact our spiritual life and work? We'll study the power of the Holy Spirit, who comes in a mighty way on Pentecost and births the Church. And we'll see that it is through the Sacraments of Initiation that we are born to new life as sons and daughters of God and co-heirs wi...

  • Episode 7: Leadership in the Church

    Episode 7

    Why does the Catholic Church have so many different levels of authority? We'll explore the origins of various leadership roles within the Church and remove once and for all any confusion about the roots of our apostolic faith.

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  • Episode 8: Charisms of the Spirit

    Episode 8

    What in the world is a charism? And do we all have them? Join us as we delve into the subject of charisms and the Holy Spirit's generous use of them among the laity for the building up of Christ's Body, the Church.

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  • Episode 9: Joy in Persecution

    Episode 9

    The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of fortitude to enable us to conform our lives to Christ and faithfully witness to the Gospel, but how are we called to respond in the midst of conflict, rejection, and outright persecution?

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  • Episode 10: The Belly of the Beast

    Episode 10

    What can St. Paul teach us about reaching a diverse culture with the Gospel? We'll look at the people he encountered, both Jews and Gentiles, and how he sought first to affirm some portion of their belief system before building upon it to incorporate the Gospel of Christ.

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