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Watch this video and more on FORMED

In the Beginning: Garden of Eden and Sacrifice


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  • Lamb of God: The Sacrifice of Isaac &...

    At every Mass many of us use the phrase "Lamb of God" without fully understanding what it means. Dr. Pitre examines two key instances of sacrificial lambs in the Old Testament--and why John the Baptist's disciples were quick to leave him to follow the One he proclaimed as "the Lamb of God."

  • Miracles of Exodus: Manna and Water

    Jesus spoke of Himself as "the bread which comes down from heaven." What did that mean to the Jews who first heard him? And what meaning do those words have for us today in our understanding of the Eucharist?

  • Mysteries of the Tabernacle: The Brea...

    When is bread more than just bread? In their pilgrimage through the desert, the people of Israel discover that God's care extends beyond meeting their physical needs to a profound and mysterious kind of relationship.