Faith & Science

  • The Universe, Astronomy, and the Catechism w/ Br. Guy Consolmagno

    “The dogmas of the faith are points that we can start at to begin the lifelong adventure of trying to understand them.” Edmund welcomes the Director of the Vatican Observatory, Br. Guy Consolmagno. Together they dive into the mystery of the universe, science, and how all of God’s creation leads b...

  • The Search Begins

    1 season

    The Search Begins is a new seven-episode video series adapted from the Augustine Institute's award-winning series The Search, hosted by Chris Stefanick. It is designed to enkindle meaningful discussions with teens searching for answers: What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here? Who am I? Is ...

  • The Search
    3 seasons

    The Search

    3 seasons

    What is this journey in between the event we call “birth” and the one we call “death”? Is the journey taking you somewhere, or are you leading yourself to some kind of destination – a destination that could extend beyond your last breath? What do you want from your life during the in between? The...

  • Lourdes: Story of Faith, Science, & Miracles


    Bernard Guillaumet, a non-Christian French journalist, is assigned the job of doing a story on Lourdes in the late 1990s. Just before he leaves for Lourdes, Bernard learns that his wife is pregnant. However, he is not aware that there are complications with the pregnancy.

    While researching for ...

  • St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor


    Giuseppe Moscati, "the holy physician of Naples," as a medical doctor and layman in the early twentieth century who came from an aristocratic family and devoted his medical career to serving the poor. He was also a medical school professor and a pioneer in the field of biochemistry whose research...