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Evangelical Catholic
  • Defining the Mission for Evangelization

    Episode 1

    What comes to mind when you hear the word evangelization? Many people struggle with the idea of evangelization because of negative experiences or connotations. Others are excited about evangelization but don’t know where to begin, what to do, or what to say. In this talk, Peter Andrastek explores...

  • Give Your Life to Jesus

    Episode 2

    We might think we need to be outgoing or salesy to evangelize, but in this talk, Jason Simon explains the only prerequisite for evangelization: surrendering your life to Jesus. Entrusting ourselves to Jesus opens us to receive more of Jesus' strength, character, and joy. When we know we can trust...

  • Get Connected to Christ

    Episode 3

    How do we evangelize? The first answer must always be: get connected to Christ. In this talk, Peter Andrastek shows us how by using the Discipleship Wheel, a tool that identifies essential elements of the life of a disciple. These essential elements of Christian life draw us closer to Jesus, help...

  • Love Others With God's Love

    Episode 4

    How do we evangelize? The second part of answering this question is to love others with the same personal love and attention that God gives us. In this talk, Jason Simon considers God’s radical love for each person, and how we can let that love flow through us to reach others—one name and face at...

  • Think Small

    Episode 5

    Jesus spent a large amount of time with a small amount of people. It’s tempting to think that all we need in our parishes are better programs to evangelize the masses, but the truth of it is: only people can love people. Relationships hold an absolute priority over programs when it comes to effec...

  • Run With Jesus After the One

    Episode 6

    Why would we give up our precious time and energy to seek and foster more relationships? In this talk, Jason Simon paints a picture of Jesus’ heart of compassion that has a mission to love those who are lost and broken. Sharing his own story and the parable of the lost sheep, Jason asks: are we t...

  • Drive and Sustain the Mission

    Episode 7

    How do we evangelize? When a core group in a parish or campus ministry is growing in relationship with Jesus and overflowing with his compassionate love for others, then ministry leaders can strategically plan how to draw more and more people into a life-changing encounter with Jesus and form mor...

  • Bring the Gospel to the World

    Episode 8

    God and the Church call lay Catholics to live a radical love for Jesus, the world, and those in it. This is God's plan for salvation. Every person has a mission from God that only they can fulfill. In this talk, Peter Andrastek presents the specific call of lay people to reach the world with the ...

  • Foundations for Evangelization PDF

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