Catholic Saints

Catholic Saints

In this collection, you can find interviews on dozens of the lives of the saints. Learn about Sts. Monica, Augustine, Stephen, Philip Neri, Catherine of Siena, and more!

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Catholic Saints
  • St. Paula the Elder | Catholic Saints

    St. Paula was a Roman Christian who married at young age and became a religious after the death of her husband. Dr. Elizabeth Klein shares about the life of this influential woman who sponsored St. Jerome's translation of the vulgate and founded two monastic communities!

  • St. Gregory of Nyssa | Catholic Saints

    Feast Day - March 9

    St. Gregory of Nyssa is one of the fourth century Cappadocian Fathers. St. Gregory hails from a holy family of saint siblings, inlcuding St. Basil the Great and St. Macrina. Dr. Chris Mooney shares about the life and scholarly work of St. Gregory and how he continues to inspi...

  • St. Aelred of Riveaulx | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeht Klein and Taylor Kemp explore the life of St. Aelred of Rieveaulx, a famous Cistercian monk from the 12th century. St. Aelred writes about the perfection of Christian friendship, while witnessing to it by his own life. His feast day is January 12.  

  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton | Catholic Saints

    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is the first native-born American to be a canonized saint! Her life was filled with profound suffering, yet she demonstrated deep perseverance and trust in God. Dr. Chris Mooney teaches us about the life and history of this incredible woman! Her feast day is January 4.

  • St. John Neumann | Catholic Saints

    St. John Neumann is the first American male citizen saint! Dr. Chris Mooney recounts how St. John immigrated to the United States from Germany during the early twentieth century when the church in America was still considered a mission territory. During a time period full of hardships, St. John r...

  • St. André Bessette | Catholic Saints

    St. André Bessette, devoted to St. Joseph and emulator of his humitly, served as a brother in the Congregation of Holy Cross in Montreal. Serving as a college porter, André welcomed daily visitors and the sick. Dr. Elizabeth Klein shares about the thousands of miracles associated with the interce...

  • St. Simeon the Stylite | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor Kemp discuss the unique life of St. Simeon the Stylite, famously known for standing on top of a pole for thirty years attempting to pray without ceasing. St. Simeon’s extremeness, like many Old Testament prophets, startles Christians to ponder how they are radically...

  • St. Gregory of Nazianzus | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Chris Mooney shares about St. Gregory of Nazianzus, a 4th-century saint who served as the Bishop of Constantinople during the second ecumenical council in 381. Tradition has assigned him the title The Theologian, as he lived, wrote, and preached during the golden age of patristic theology.

  • St. Joan of Arc | Catholic Saints

    Learn about the remarkable story of St. Joan of Arc with Paul McCusker, author of the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre audio drama "The Victory of Joan of Arc", and Dr. Ben Akers on this episode of Catholic Saints!

  • St. Philip the Apostle | Catholic Saints

    Dr. James Prothro and Taylor Kemp reflect upon St. Philip the Apostle. St. Philip often brought others to Jesus Christ. His feast day is May 3. Jesus shows Philip that by following Himself, he will see God the Father, and that we can be bold in our evangelization and intercession in praying for o...

  • St. John the Apostle | Catholic Saints

    On this episode of Catholic Saints, Taylor Kemp interviews Dr. James Protho on the life, traits, and lessons we can learn from St. John the Apostle. Son of Zebedee, evangelist and gospel writer, St. John experienced the privilege of serving in Jesus’ inner circle. We celebrate the feast of St. Jo...

  • St. Cyprian | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. John Sehorn and Taylor Kemp as they dive into the life of St. Cyprian on this episode of Catholic Saints! A Bishop and martyr, St. Cyprian is one of the most famous martyrs of North Africa.

  • St. Vincent de Paul | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. Christopher Blum and Mary McGeehan as they share about the life of St. Vincent de Paul on this episode of Catholic Saints.

  • St. James the Greater | Catholic Saints

    On this episode of Catholic Saints, join Dr. Ben Akers and Mary McGeehan as they discuss the life of one of Jesus' inner circle disciples, St. James the Greater.

  • St. Proclus of Constantinople | Catholic Saints

    St. Proclus of Constantinople lived in the 5th century and combatted the great heretic, Nestorius. As lector, priest, and then bishop, St. Proclus exemplified the virtues of kindness, humility, and courage. On this episode of Catholic Saints, Dr. John Sehorn reflects on the life and preaching of ...

  • St. Aidan of Lindisfarne | Catholic Saints

    Although a lesser-known Irish saint, St. Aidan of Lindisfarne was a pivotal priest and missionary to the early Church in Ireland who cared unceasingly for the spiritual and physical needs of both the nobility and the poor. Follow along with Mary McGeehan and Augustine Institute professor Dr. Eliz...

  • St. Malachy of Armagh | Catholic Saints

    Who is St. Malachy of Armagh? The answer, in short, is, "It's complicated." A saint during the Middle Ages, St. Malachy served as a bishop in Ireland and helped to reform the Church there, navigating many difficult political situations. Join Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Mary McGeehan as they dive into...

  • The Maccabean Martyrs | Catholic Saints

    During the rule of the Seleucid Empire over Israel in the centuries before Jesus’s birth, many men and women of great faith arose from the Jewish people who would not renounce their faith in God, despite being faced with the threat of martyrdom. Join Mary McGeehan and Augustine Institute professo...

  • St. Andrew the Apostle | Catholic Saints

    All of the saints had a story before they met Christ. For St. Andrew, he was a fisherman. Hearing the call of Christ, Andrew and his brother Peter left everything behind to follow Jesus. Join Dr. Ben Akers and Mary McGeehan as they discuss St. Andrew, his life, and the example he provides to all ...

  • St. Luke | Catholic Saints

    Known as the beloved physician and faithful friend of St. Paul, St. Luke is a crucial figure for the Church’s knowledge of Christ’s earthly ministry and the early Church. Join Dr. Ben Akers and Taylor Kemp as they explore the life and legacy of the author of the Gospel according to Luke and the A...

  • St. Dominic | Catholic Saints

    During times of corruption and heresy in the world, great saints arise to bring renewal to the Church. Learn about the life and legacy of St. Dominic, a 13th century priest who founded the Dominican Order—the Order of Preachers—and lived to promote the integration of the intellectual life and the...

  • St. John Chrysostom | Catholic Saints

    From Antioch, the political center of the fifth-century world, arose a golden-tongued preacher and bishop: St. John Chrysostom. Listen to Dr. Carl Vennerstrom and Mary McGeehan discuss the life and preaching of this great doctor of the Church who gave us countless powerful prayers and homilies.


  • St. Maximilian Kolbe | Catholic Saints

    At age twelve, St. Maximilian Kolbe received a vision of Our Lady where he accepted the crowns of both purity and martyrdom, vowing to promote devotion to Mary as the defense against the twentieth century's evils. Join Dr. Sean Innerst and Dr. Ben Akers as they dive into the life of this modern m...

  • St. Alphonsus Liguori | Catholic Saints

    Born to a noble Italian family and known as the “Prince of Moral Theologians”, St. Alphonsus Liguori was a great preacher, lawyer, bishop, theologian, and Doctor of the Church. In this episode of Catholic Saints, Augustine Institute professors Dr. Sean Innerst and Dr. Ben Akers discuss this holy ...