Catholic Saints

Catholic Saints

In this collection, you can find interviews on dozens of the lives of the saints. Learn about Sts. Monica, Augustine, Stephen, Philip Neri, Catherine of Siena, and more!

Catholic Saints
  • Martyrs of Lyon and Vienne | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor Kemp discuss the Christians martyred under Marcus Aurelius around the year 170 AD. This episode invites a discussion on the nature of suffering, the difficulty of martyrdom, and dying in unity with the Eucharist. The martyr's feast day is June 2.

  • St. Thomas the Apostle | Catholic Saints

    Mary McGeehan joins Dr. Ben Akers for a discussion on the life of St. Thomas the Apostle. They dive into Scripture to explore the life, leadership, and personality of this heroic and saintly man.

  • St. Ephrem the Syrian | Catholic Saints

    An Eastern Father of the early Church, St. Ephrem the Syrian was arguably the most important saint and theological writer for the Syriac-speaking churches. He did not write many treaties or letters but devoted himself to writing hymns to God. These hymns, however, contain a wealth of knowledge an...

  • St. Boniface | Catholic Saints

    Known as the "Apostle to Germany," the bishop and martyr St. Boniface worked tirelessly to renew the Church in Germany. Although his efforts ultimately bore great fruit and helped to recenter the faith of the Germans, St. Boniface often felt like a failure in his missionary work.

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  • St. Louis de Montfort | Catholic Saints

    Dr. John Sehorn joins Taylor Kemp to discuss the life of St. Louis de Montfort. Born in western France, St. Louis had a great love for Mary and the Rosary. His work True Devotion to Mary helps Catholics grow in their relationship with Jesus through his Mother, Mary.

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  • St. John the Baptist | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. John Sehorn and Taylor Kemp as they talk about St. John the Baptist, the forerunner to Christ. In this episode, they discuss the Nativity of John the Baptist, how the Old Testament illuminates who St. John the Baptist is, and how he prepares for Jesus.

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  • St. Philip Neri | Catholic Saints

    It's the 16th century, and Rome, in many ways, has strayed from its Christian roots. The city needs to be re-evangelized. Enter St. Philip Neri, the "Apostle to Rome," who spent most of his life calling the people of Rome to conversion and a life of Christian discipleship. Join Dr. Carl Vennerstr...

  • St. Josemaria Escriva | Catholic Saints

    Called "the saint of ordinary life" by Pope John Paul II, St. Josemaria Escriva centered his ministry around a simple truth: each person can experience the extraordinary grace of holiness even in the ordinary events of day-to-day life. Join Dr. Christopher Mooney and Mary McGeehan on this episode...

  • St. Damien of Molokai | Catholic Saints

    St. Damien was born in Belgium but spent most of his life ministering to lepers in Molokai, Hawaii. An incredible example of holiness, he dedicated his whole life to spreading the Gospel. Sit down with Dr. James Prothro and Mary McGeehan as they discuss the life and witness of this great saint.


  • St. Augustine of Canterbury | Catholic Saints

    St. Augustine of Canterbury is often called the "Apostle to the English". A great missionary, St. Augustine was pivotal in converting the Anglo-Saxons to the Catholic faith. Join Dr. James Prothro and Mary McGeehan as they discuss this great saint and his witness to Jesus Christ.

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  • St. James the Lesser | Catholic Saints

    There are lots of Jameses mentioned in the Gospels, including two among Jesus' twelve apostles. In this episode of Catholic Saints, Dr. James Prothro (another James!) and Mary McGeehan talk about the life and witness of the first bishop of Jerusalem. They also discuss the Letter of James and how ...

  • St. Patrick | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor Kemp discuss the historical life of St. Patrick. Captured multiple times by pirates, St. Patrick escaped slavery and returned to his land of captivity to preach the Gospel to a pagan people. Living during a time of great plagues, St. Patrick preached the good news o...

  • St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor Kemp discuss the life of St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne from Northern England, a lesser-known saint in the Church today but a beloved bishop of his time. Known for his amiable personality and unique relationship with otters, St. Cuthbert radiated persistent cheerfulnes...

  • St. Thomas Aquinas | Catholic Saints

    St. Thomas Aquinas was given one of the greatest minds in history. He devoted his life to studying God and used his great intellect to write extensively on almost all theological topics. Not only did St. Thomas cover almost all of theology, but he also did it while maintaining theological accurac...

  • St. Polycarp | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. Ben Akers and Mary McGeehan as they dive into the life of St. Polycarp, a second century bishop and martyr. St. Polycarp was a student of St. John the Apostle, defended the faith against early heresies, and offered his life like Christ as a martyr.

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  • St. Bede the Venerable | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor Kemp sit down to discuss the holy life and witness of St. Bede the Venerable.

  • Saint Marcella of Rome | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor Kemp sit down to discuss St. Marcella, the early Church martyr of Rome, who's feast day is celebrated on January 31st. St. Marcella was born in 325 AD and died in 410 AD, around the time of the sack of Rome. During this tumultuous time in Church history (between the...

  • Sts. Perpetua & Felicity | Catholic Saints

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor Kemp discuss the life and impact of two female martyrs from the third century, Sts. Perpetua and Felicity. Both were beheaded for refusing to renounce their Christian faith. Their feast day is March 7.

  • St. Leo the Great | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. Ben Akers and Dr. Carl Vennerstrom as they discuss St. Leo the Great, who served as pope during the tumultuous time of the Council of Chalcedon. With the heart of a pastor, St. Leo modeled Christian charity amidst the debates and controversies on the divine and human nature of Jesus. He ...

  • St. Clement of Rome | Catholic Saints

    Sit down with Dr. Ben Akers and Dr. Carl Vennerstrom as they discuss Pope St. Clement of Rome, who was an early Church Father and the third successor to St. Peter. He wrote an original letter to the dissentient church of Corinth that we can still read and access today! His feast day is November 2...

  • St. Jerome | Catholic Saints

    An early Church Father from the 4th century, St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin with the desire to make Scripture more accessible. St. Jerome is the patron of biblical scholars, translators, and archivists and famously said, "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." 

  • Saint Ignatius of Antioch | Catholic Saints

    A Father of the early Church, St. Ignatius of Antioch is an incredible model of Christian discipleship. He is also one of Dr. Ben Akers' favorite saints. Sit down with Dr. Ben Akers and Taylor Kemp as they discuss this remarkable bishop, who died a martyr for his fidelity to Christ.

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  • Saint John Vianney | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. Ben Akers and Taylor Kemp as they discuss St. John Vianney, the Cure d'Ars and patron saint of parish priests.

  • Saint Irenaeus of Lyons | Catholic Saints

    Pope Francis recently announced a new Doctor of the Church: St. Irenaeus of Lyons. In this episode of FORMED Now, Dr. John Sehorn and Dr. Ben Akers discuss this second-century Church Father, explaining his importance to the history of Christianity and his title‚ the "Doctor of Unity."