Catholic Moms Summit

Catholic Moms Summit

9 Seasons

A collection of talks in which women encourage and support one another in the vocation of Catholic motherhood.

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Catholic Moms Summit
  • Using a Morning Meeting to Set the Tone for Your Day

    Episode 1

    Start your morning off on the right foot! Pam Barnhill promotes her "Morning Basket," where the family can come together every morning to worship God through prayer, story, and song. Learn from Pam and hear about her ideal morning routine.

  • Becoming the Mother of an Adult: Transitioning from Baby Mom to Adult Mom

    Episode 2

    Watching your children grow up is bittersweet. Mary Ellen Barrett acknowledges the challenges of seeing one's children move through different stages of life. She offers practical steps for mothers to maintain healthy relationships with their children.

  • Praying with My Husband Makes Me a Better Mom

    Episode 3

    Start your day off with a prayer. Dr. Sarah Bartel radiates joy as she describes incorporating God into a loving and caring marriage through praying with her husband every morning. Pray daily with and for your husband to provide a solid example to your children and increases the love in your home.

  • How to Transform Your Life Through Gratitude

    Episode 4

    Do you desire to grow in gratitude for your husband and children? In her talk, Sara Bartel shares the power of parenting with appreciation and its transformative effect on family life. She leans on Scripture and positive psychology to convey how gratitude can nurture your vocation as a mother.

  • The Art of Creating Community

    Episode 5

    Lisa Brenninkmeyer discusses the need for face-to-face contact to develop authentic communities. She notes that true joy is found in relationships because God made every person for the community. Learn how to foster deep friendships and meaningful conversations by creating your own small group us...

  • Why All Mothers Are Philosophers

    Episode 6

    Mom knows best. Rachel Bulman discusses why each mother is a philosopher, emphasizing the need for faith and reason. Discover the beauty and philosophy of motherhood.

  • Motherhood Without Guilt: How to Pursue Your Dreams Without Neglecting Your Family

    Episode 7

    Do you feel guilty for having dreams that might take you away from your kids? How do you know if you are experiencing ungodly desires? In her talk, Lisa shares how to pursue your dreams without neglecting your family so you can experience motherhood without guilt. She offers words of wisdom on ho...

  • How to Experience Peace and Patience in Motherhood

    Episode 8

    From the “terrible twos” to kitchen spills and the messes of life, it seems these moments have overcome our peace and patience as mothers. In her talk, Madeline Carrington shares ways to redirect our thoughts so they can be life-giving for our families and children. She assures us of our ability ...

  • How to Balance it all While Keeping Your Sanity

    Episode 9

    How can we use clothing and makeup to help us live out our vocation as mothers more confidently? In the seasons of stress and busyness, it can be challenging to take the time for self-care. Join Nicole Caruso and learn how to carve out time to care for your body and soul.

  • Children Who Stray: Once a Mother Always a Mother

    Episode 10

    "Once a mother, always a mother. For better or for worse." Sarah Christmyer provides four practical ways to cope with your pain as the mother of a child who has gone astray. Find comfort in Sarah's loving wisdom, knowing that Jesus and Mary suffer alongside you and love both you and your child un...

  • Desiring Obedience from Our Children

    Episode 11

    How do I discipline my children with love? As mothers, we desire obedient children and a peaceful home. Paula Ciskanik, a mother of seven and cofounder of Catholic Homeschool Community and Events, shares her wisdom on raising caring adults with obedience, as well as ten tips that have proven succ...

  • Developing a Family Plan of Life

    Episode 12

    Adele Collins invites mothers to create a plan of life to welcome God into the ordinary moments of their day. Say “yes” to God and allow Him to work through the busyness of your day-to-day life.

  • The Joys and Challenges of Modeling Our Motherhood After Mary

    Episode 13

    Sonja Corbitt shows how moms can model their motherhood after the Blessed Mother. She shares practical tips for following Our Lady and looking to the Holy Family for guidance.

  • Praying the Rosary with Your Kids (Without Losing Your Mind)

    Episode 14

    Do you want your children to know the Rosary? In her talk, Gretchen Crowe talks about the importance and benefit of teaching your children the mysteries of the Rosary to become more engaged in the life of Christ, using kid-friendly engagement, consistency, and good examples.

  • How to Build a Healthy Friendship with Your Mother-in-Law

    Episode 15

    Ana Glaze seeks to break the stereotype of the overbearing mother-in-law. Sharing personal stories, Ana opens up about her beautiful relationship with her mother-in-law and provides helpful tips for cultivating a healthy relationship with your husband’s mother.

  • You Don't Have the Family You Planned for: How to Believe You Are Catholic Enough

    Episode 16

    Known for her gift of humorous storytelling, professional speaker Liv Harrison shares her heartwarming personal story. Liv’s dreams shifted from wanting to be a Broadway star and an astronaut to desiring to be a wife and mother. She shares that God has his own plans for each woman and blesses eve...

  • Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Parents

    Episode 17

    Have you become a caretaker for a loved one? Tune in to Lisa Hendey as she shares her personal story of lovingly caring for her parents. Lisa provides practical tips for taking care of yourself while caring for a family member, emphasizing that your caretaking role is a beautiful journey of love.

  • Preparing Your Daughter for Adolescence

    Episode 18

    Being a mother of teenage girls can be difficult, yet it is beautiful. Join Alicia Hernon from "The Messy Family Project" as she outlines the sacred responsibility of mothers to guide their daughters in teaching them how to handle their emotions and show them how to nurture life.

  • Finding Joy in Motherhood

    Episode 19

    Are you feeling burned out and overwhelmed? YouTuber and mother Heather Johnson provides five simple and practical ways to cultivate a happy and fulfilled motherhood. Tune in to Heather and find joy in your beautiful vocation.

  • Different Moms, Different Ways to Pray

    Episode 20

    Do you feel like you are failing in your prayer life? Be not afraid! Join podcaster Chloe Langr as she explains how you can develop your prayer life in the busy and beautiful season of motherhood. Learn with Chloe and make every moment a prayer.

  • Searching for Balance in Your Life as a Mom

    Episode 21

    Are you on the hunt for balance in your life as a mother? In reality, what you genuinely need and desire is order. Learn to prioritize the important relationships and roles in your life with Chloe Lang, mother of two and host of the Letters to Women podcast.

  • Biblical Hospitality: It’s More than Good Food and Comfy Beds

    Episode 22

    It is easy to find excuses why we can’t be hospitable, but Christ calls us to serve others. In this video, Kristy Malik dives into these excuses we often make and gives examples to live out our call to hospitality in the busyness of motherhood.

  • Talking to Your Kids About Sex and the Theology of the Body

    Episode 23

    Moira Modern uses the Theology of the Body to encourage an open dialogue with your child about sex. Moira discusses the beauty and goodness of sex, providing practical tips for teaching your children about these profound topics without awkwardness or hesitation.

  • Why NFP Is the Answer

    Episode 24

    Disclaimer: This video covers sensitive material that might not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

    The world of pregnancy and family planning can be overwhelming. Luckily, with the wisdom of pro-life OBGYN Dr. Monique Ruberu, mothers can confidently approach their fertility ...