Catholic Moms Summit

Catholic Moms Summit

9 Seasons

A collection of talks in which women encourage and support one another in the vocation of Catholic motherhood.

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Catholic Moms Summit
  • How Motherhood Changes Your Relationship with God

    Episode 1

    Madeline Carrington beautifully illustrates how motherhood is a sharing in Christ's sacrifice on the Cross. She emphasizes how being a wife and mother is a constant gift of self. Enjoy Madeline's thought-provoking reflection on motherhood.

  • Praying the Rosary with Your Kids (Without Losing Your Mind)

    Episode 2

    Do you want your children to know the Rosary? In her talk, Gretchen Crowe talks about the importance and benefit of teaching your children the mysteries of the Rosary to become more engaged in the life of Christ, using kid-friendly engagement, consistency, and good examples.

  • Different Moms, Different Ways to Pray

    Episode 3

    Do you feel like you are failing in your prayer life? Be not afraid! Join podcaster Chloe Langr as she explains how you can develop your prayer life in the busy and beautiful season of motherhood. Learn with Chloe and make every moment a prayer.

  • The Joys and Challenges of Modeling Our Motherhood After Mary

    Episode 4

    Sonja Corbitt shows how moms can model their motherhood after the Blessed Mother. She shares practical tips for following Our Lady and looking to the Holy Family for guidance.

  • Discover God’s Blessings in Every Moment

    Episode 5

    Many mothers find difficulty in remembering the Lord’s call for us to be grateful and rejoice in all things despite the trials of motherhood. In this video, Linda Padgett walks us through the importance of gratitude and how to practice it in difficult moments.

  • Teach Your Children to Hear God's Voice in 4 Easy Steps

    Episode 6

    Colleen Duggan opens about the struggles of teaching children to pray well. Using her four simple steps, you and your children can progress in the spiritual life and perceive God’s voice. Learn from Colleen’s authentic personal stories and hear God’s voice in your daily prayer life.

  • Seeking Peace: How to Rest in God's Love

    Episode 7

    Within the mess and noise of our lives, God is our everlasting and ever-present rest. Sonia Corbitt shares ways to resist the vices of negativity so that we can fully rest in the Lord’s Spirit. Drawing from biblical text and Scripture passages about the Sabbath, Sonia explores the key to inner pe...

  • Divine Mercy for Moms

    Episode 8

    Are you seeking Christ's mercy in your role as a mother? Michele Faehnle affirms that as you begin to trust in his mercy, he promises to pour out an ocean of graces upon your motherhood and your life.

  • Healing in Imaginative Prayer

    Episode 9

    Are you looking for a form of prayer that brings comfort, healing, and clarity to life's biggest problems? Diana Bartalini shares a method of prayer that transformed her prayer life and enabled her to experience God's Word in the most literal sense. Join Diana in learning about imaginative prayer...

  • Real Forgiveness Is R.A.R.E.

    Episode 10

    Award-winning author Marge Fenelon delves into the process of forgiveness. She acknowledges the extreme difficulty of forgiving your wrongdoers and provides steps to obtain healing by entrusting your pain to our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  • Strengthening Your Marriage and Family Through the Sacred Heart Devotion

    Episode 11

    Have you entrusted your household to the Sacred Heart of Jesus? In this video, Emily Jaminet, executive director of the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network, shares both the story of her family’s profound devotion to our Lord’s Heart, as well as the history of this beautiful devotion. She invites yo...

  • Grace Trifecta: Prayer, Sacrament, and Scripture

    Episode 12

    Allison Gingras discusses the “Grace Trifecta”: Prayer, Sacrament, and Scripture. She delves deeper into these God-given gifts, explaining the significance of each.

  • Our Lady of Sorrows and the Power of Prayer

    Episode 13

    Discover the value of redemptive motherhood by tuning in to Anna Mitchell, co-host of EWTN's "The Son Rise Morning Show." Anna shares the story of her five-year-old's serious illness along with the miraculous intercession of a fourth-century martyr. Learn from Anna and unite your sufferings to Ou...

  • A Mother's Intercession - Don't Be Afraid to Ask

    Episode 14

    Author and podcast host Pat Gohn emphasizes the beauty of a mother’s intercession, encouraging women to spontaneously pray aloud with others. Using the acronym A.S.K., Pat provides three easy steps for inviting God into the moment through prayer.

  • The Corporal Works of Mommy

    Episode 15

    Ever wonder how being a mother can directly nourish your spiritual life? Catholic author and vice president of the Pastoral Solutions Institute, Lisa Popcak, speaks on intertwining the fruits of the corporal works of mercy with motherhood. She calls all mothers to view their role as a way for the...

  • It's Ok to Not Be Ok: Relying on God's Grace and Mercy

    Episode 16

    Have you ever felt guilty for not being okay? Writer, blogger, and mother Tina Rodriguez invites you to find comfort in God’s presence amid the difficulties of being a mother. Learn how to be okay with not being okay by leaning on Jesus and applying practical tips with Tina.

  • What will We Fall for? Defining and Living Out Your Catholic Values

    Episode 17

    Karianna Frey discusses the significance of discovering and learning to live out your Catholic values. Using the three theological virtues, Karianna provides a process for finding your values and creating a mission statement for yourself. Join Karianna and learn how to live out your Catholic values.