The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello

The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello

2 Seasons

Follow Benjamin Cello, a winsome country gentleman, as he leads his friends on song-filled adventures through the Land of the Baptized Imagination. Whether it’s dancing in the art-full beauty of Pennywhistle Park, hearing the hallelujah hoedowns of the Big Ol’ Barn, or reading deeply in the mysterious and elevated Book Endless Book Tower, The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello will captivate your children with the beauty and purity of a God-breathed imagination!

Watch Season Two of The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello

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The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello
  • Episode 1: The Book Swap

    Episode 1

    It’s time to read a book! Benjamin Cello, Annie Appleseed, and Miss Gretchen, the Music Teacher, go to the Bookendless Book Tower for a book swap party, hosted by Professor Wordsworth and the Bookworms. Along the way they explore classics of literature and the one Holy Book that stands above all ...

  • Episode 2: A Friend Loves at All Times

    Episode 2

    When Cowgirl Pearl brings a wounded chicken named Hildegard to Benjamin Cello’s cottage, Our Mellow Fellow takes the finely feathered patient to Pennywhistle Park for a lesson in friendship and how human beings are “made in the image of God”.

  • Episode 3: The Little Lost Lamb

    Episode 3

    Miss Gretchen’s new puppy, Polly, aims to be a sheepdog, but it will take a visit to the Big Ol’ Barn and the wisdom of Shepherd Sam to teach us all the faithful care of the Good Shepherd.

  • Episode 4: Preach the Word

    Episode 4

    The Stump Jumpers, a barbershop quartet of lay brothers, stop by the cottage to give Benjamin Cello a priceless gift! It all leads to the Bookendless Book Tower and a eureka moment where they learn what it means to preach the Gospel!

  • Episode 5: Overcome Evil with Good

    Episode 5

    When Benjamin Cello’s beautiful day is ruined by “bad news” filling his cottage with soot and smoke, he retreats to Pennywhistle Park where Brother Joseph’s courage and Lolly Popular’s joy show everyone how to overcome evil with good.

  • Episode 6: Hoedown!

    Episode 6

    It’s harvest time at the Big Ol’ Barn! Annie Appleseed and Benjamin Cello team up to help Cowboy Roy, the Barnyard Animals, and the Cheerful Chums celebrate the bountiful blessings of God!