Week 3

Week 3

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Week 3
  • Light the Third (Rose) Advent Candle! | Marcam's Advent & Christmas | Episode 5

    It's not pink, it's rose! This week Fr. Mark will talk about the importance of the rose Advent candle and why little saints will see their priest wearing "pink" at Mass this third Sunday of Advent!

  • Marcam Builds a Gingerbread Nativity | Marcam's Advent & Christmas | Episode 6

    In this episode, join Marcam as he bakes one of his favorite Christmas treats. Marcam will teach the little saints about making a recipe and the importance of being patient when good things take time!

  • Marcam Follows the Star | Marcam's Advent and Christmas | Episode 7

    This joyful reenactment of the shepherds following the star will have little saints learning all about their emotions and the emotions the shepherds may have experienced on that wonderful and unpredictable night! The account from the gospel of Luke will guide Mariam through this adventure the she...

  • Christmas Special | Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

    Based on the award-winning Bible! Join Minno kids Margot, Lexi, Miguel, and Logan on a heartwarming journey through the Christmas story. Hosted by the Hopeful World, this beautiful retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth will help kids understand the true meaning of Christmas. Viewers both young a...

  • Ordinary and Extraordinary | Rooted | Episode 15

    Because the book of Ruth is so short, it allows the author to do some remarkable things with the structure, story, dialogue, and characters. It’s so focused that it has a kind of rich, theological density to it. If Genesis is like the best soup you’ve ever had, the book of Ruth is like the best s...

  • Adventus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage

    On behalf of the Augustine Institute, we are offering Adventus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage to everyone this Advent and Christmas Season. In light of the separation we face as communities, this special documentary allows Catholics all around the world to unite and make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Ho...

  • Christmas | Sacred Art

    "Join Dr. Ben Akers and Taylor Kemp as they look at the painting Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard van Honthorst to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord. This famous painting reveals the Christ Child as the light that has come into the world and also depicts the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and t...

  • David’s Temple | Rooted | Episode 16

    Only one person in the Bible is described as a man after God’s own heart: King David. It’s a pretty amazing description. Wouldn’t you like to be described that way?

    Did you miss a day? Not a problem! View the entire series by visiting https://watch.formed.org/rooted

  • Christmas Eve | Catholic All Year At Home w/ Kendra Tierney

    Combining the German traditions from her heritage and the Mexican traditions popular in her hometown of Los Angeles, Kendra shares her Christmas Eve menu. Learn about the luminaria tradition, too, to usher in the Light of the World!

    Kendra Tierney is a widowed Southern California mother of ten c...

  • The Christmas Pageant that Almost Wasn't

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  • Agape/Love | Advent: Word Studies | The Bible Project

    The word “love” is one of the sloppiest words in our language, as it primarily refers to a feeling that happens to a person. In the New Testament, “love” refers to a way of treating people that was defined by Jesus himself: seeking the well-being of others regardless of their response.

    The Bible...

  • An Undivided Heart | Rooted | Episode 17

    “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Jesus offers us this profound truth in the Sermon on the Mount. Those things we think of as precious, those things we desire—these reveal what we love. How would you respond if God asked, “What would you have me give you?”

    Did you miss a d...

  • O Holy Night, The King is Born: What Christmas Is About

    Celebrate the wonder and joy of Christmas with Brother Francis in this heartwarming presentation of the birth of God's Son! Witness the moving submission of Mary, Joseph, and others as they make way for our Savior.

    This episode contains:

    "The Christmas Story"—an animated presentation of the...

  • O Holy Night - Christmas with the Annie Moses Band

    Experience the beauty of the Christmas season with the Annie Moses Band as the acclaimed classical crossover ensemble performs stunning arrangements of holiday favorites.

  • The Jesse Stump | Rooted | Episode 18

    We've finally arrived at the main biblical text from which we get the idea of the Jesse Tree: from the stump of Jesse, a shoot comes forth—and from his roots, a branch... a tree sprouting up from Jesse!

    Did you miss a day? Not a problem! View the entire series by visiting https://watch.formed.or...

  • The True Meaning of Christmas | Lukas Storyteller

    Christmas is coming and our friends Peter, Agnes, Paul and Anna expect to receive many gifts. but when they caught in one of their antics. Lukas and Noah will help them understand the true story of Christmas and how the birth of the Son of God should change our hearts.

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  • Mary's Labor: What Does Catholic Tradition Have to Say?

    Catholics and Protestants believe different things about Mary's labor. These differences can lead to varying presentations of the birth of Jesus in popular movies and shows. Join Dr. Scott Hefelfinger and Dr. Michael Barber as they explain the Catholic Church's understanding of Mary's labor and t...

  • Written on the Heart | Rooted | Episode 19

    Ever since Adam and Eve gave in to the serpent's temptation, division abounds: between the body and soul, humans and God, man and woman, and humans and the earth. The consequences of that first sin reveal to us the depth and reach of this division. But that's not the end of the story.

    Did you mi...

  • Week Three | Adore: Advent with Fr. John Burns

    Join Fr. John Burns as he journeys deeper into the theme for week three: nearness.

  • Third Week of Advent | Behold with Sr. Miriam James

    Let the Holy Family be your light through Advent as you receive the healing power of Christ.

    In this beautiful guided video series, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT—author of the bestselling book Restore and co-host of the Abiding Together Podcast — walks with you as you explore familial wounds w...

  • How to Be a Sheep | Rooted | Episode 20

    epictions of Christ the Good Shepherd combine two beautiful biblical images: John 10 and Luke 15. Reflect on Jesus rejoicing—the lost sheep found and laid across his shoulders—and how the sheep almost melts into him. The sheep must rely so completely on Jesus’ strength that it becomes one with hi...

  • Prepare the Way of the King by Dr. Scott Hahn

    Dr. Scott Hahn, one of the most eminent Catholic theologians in our country today, reveals what scholars now know about the shepherds, the mysterious Magi, and King Herod. Your Advent journey will take on new meaning as you prepare your heart for the birth of our Lord. This illuminating presentat...

  • Hidden with Christ | Rooted | Episode 21

    When it begins its teaching on Mary, the Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “What the Catholic faith believes about Mary is based on what it believes about Christ, and what it teaches about Mary illumines in turn its faith in Christ.” That’s paragraph 487, where the Catechism begins to unpa...

  • Guigo's Ladder: A Way of Ascent

    Prayer may not always be easy, but sometimes we make it more difficult than it needs to be. In this session, Dr. Gray demonstrates how, like climbing the rungs on a ladder, following a simple order of prayer carries us from the cares of this world to intimate conversation with God.