YDisciple - Called: Discover Your Vocation

YDisciple - Called: Discover Your Vocation

God has created each of us uniquely – to play a unique role in our time and our world. But how do we figure out what God is asking us to do? If he is calling us, why can’t we hear him more clearly? What will we have to take on or give up if we follow his call?

These are the questions we’ll explore together in Called: Discover Your Vocation. With firsthand accounts and insights from presenters who’ve lived out these questions, Called walks through the importance of vocation, how to discern vocation as more than just a job, considering the priesthood and consecrated life, and the deeper meaning of marriage.

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YDisciple - Called: Discover Your Vocation
  • What Is a Vocation? with Fr. Scott Traynor

    The questions we yearn to answer are: "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" To find the answers, we need to begin with an understanding of the true desires of our hearts and how those desires align with the God who loves us more than we love ourselves.

  • What Is Discernment? with Fr. Christopher Martin

    God has called each of us to specific missions, based on who we are and the gifts he has given us. But how do we discern that calling? We can start with the "classroom of silence"—an exterior and interior place where we can discover the depths of prayer and learn to hear God's voice.

  • Called to Holy Orders with Fr. Paul Hoesing

    Every baptized Christian is supposed to make the priesthood of Jesus real in this world. However, God calls some men to serve the Church within Holy Orders, acting in the person of Jesus to give the grace of the Sacraments to all. How can young men know if they're called to this special role?

  • Called to Consecrated Life with Sr. Bethany Madonna

    The consecrated life is God's remarkable gift to the Church. To be called to the "perfection of charity" means a life of obedience, celibacy, and poverty in his service. What steps can we take to discern if we are summoned to that vocation?

  • Called to Holy Matrimony with Annie & Scott Powell

    It's popular to think of marriage as merely a commitment between two people who love each other. But Marriage, along with Holy Orders, is a Sacrament of Service. God unites a husband and wife in the covenant of marriage to grow in selfless love for one another and their children, to build up the ...

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