Wisdom & Works of Mercy

Wisdom & Works of Mercy

11 Episodes

The second stage of the Hearts Afire Parish-based Program, Wisdom & Works of Mercy begins by following the book The 'One Thing' Is Three and concludes with the book, You Did it to Me. The purpose of the Wisdom & Works of Mercy study is to give group members a summary of Church teaching and Catholic wisdom and to offer various works of mercy, apostolate suggestions, programs, and support. The book, The 'One Thing' is Three is read over ten weeks and the group gathers weekly to view the ten videos below and discuss the questions in the study companion.

After completing The ‘One Thing’ is Three, groups take time to read the book You Did it to Me. You Did It To Me takes a five-fold approach to learn the easiest way to remember the different works of mercy and put them into practice in our everyday lives. After reading You Did it to Me, the group gathers to discuss the questions in the Study Companion and make plans for the works of mercy they will perform.

Order the books here: https://catholic.market/programs/hearts-afire/wisdom-and-works-of-mercy/

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Wisdom & Works of Mercy
  • Introduction and Orientation

    Episode 1

    Well, because we're living in such an extraordinary time, I believe that God not only gives us a key to great sanctity but also a key to great wisdom. We find this key to wisdom in the theological term "communio," meaning "communion." This Latin word may be unfamiliar, but don't be afraid. The co...

  • Communion Point One

    Episode 2

    The Catechism describes the Trinity as God's "innermost secret," which is that "God himself is an eternal exchange of love, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ... ." The Catechism then goes on to say something mind-blowingly amazing, "... and he has destined us to share in that exchange." When this las...

  • Communion Point Two: Chapters 1-2.2

    Episode 3

    Now, to properly understand our transformation in (or into) Christ, it's helpful to see it in the context of a journey. That's because our transformation in Christ takes us places; with Christ, we do some traveling; through Christ, we go back to the Father. Alright, but when we travel, it's often...

  • Communion Point Two: Chapter 2.3

    Episode 4

    Now, perhaps you think it's strange that I've been saying that, by faith, we have a real "contact" with Christ in his mysteries. After all, faith is something spiritual while contact is something physical. So, I must be speaking metaphorically, right? I mean, surely we don't actually touch Christ...

  • Communion Point Two: Chapters 2.4-2.5

    Episode 5

    Wait, we already covered faith. So why rehash that road again? We're doing it because of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), which took a new, deeper approach to the topic of faith. At least, that's the interpretation of one of the bishops who was at the Council, Karol Wojty_a. But why shoul...

  • Communion Point Three: Preface, Chapters 1-2.2

    Episode 6

    Alright, so we're sons and daughters in the Son. But what does this mean? As we read earlier, it means that we're given a great many gifts. We're mercifully given the grace of the forgiveness of our sins. We're also given a share in the life of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But there...

  • Communion Point Three: Chapter 2.3

    Episode 7

    We've looked generally at evangelization and the Church and then more specifically at evangelization according to the different states of life in the Church (hierarchy, laity, consecrated life). Now we're going to go back to a more general perspective, namely, a way that each and every member of ...

  • Communion Point Three: Chapter 2.3, Continued

    Episode 8

    What is "the human dimension of the mystery of redemption"? It has to do with what Jesus Christ reveals about man. It has to do with some of John Paul II's favorite words from Vatican II, "It is only in the mystery of the Word made flesh that the mystery of man truly becomes clear." So, what does...

  • Communion Point Three: Chapter 3

    Episode 9

    Mass was surely an important part of my life—but could I actually say that everything flowed into it and out of it and that my whole life revolved around it? Did I really look forward to Mass more than I looked forward to summer break or exciting spectacles like the Super Bowl? Can I honestly say...

  • Conclusion

    Episode 10

    To summarize and organize what we've learned, I want to put everything into the context of the greatest retreat the Church has to offer, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. By doing so, I hope to make everything we've covered even more simple, clear, and memorable. In fact, by the ...

  • Wisdom & Works of Mercy Coordinator Guide

    6.85 MB

  • Vatican II, Mercy, & You by Fr. Michael Gaitley

    Episode 11

    In this illuminating audio talk, Fr. Michael Gaitley recounts how Archbishop Karol Wojtya, later Pope St. John Paul II, used the teachings of the Second Vatican Council with great success to help Catholics in his diocese live their Catholic Faith fully. Learn how Vatican II provides a map to help...