True Reformers

True Reformers

6 Episodes

Welcome to True Reformers: Saints of the Catholic Reformation, a study crafted to teach about those who led the Church's rebirth from the ashes of confusion caused by the Protestant Reformation.
In these six sessions, participants will learn about the true benefactors of the human race: the saints. The saints of the Catholic Reformation show us just how powerful—and beautiful—is the human heart's free response to God's generous grace.

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True Reformers
  • Saint Thomas More: The Age of the Author

    Episode 1

    The Renaissance was an age of discovery and innovation during which many lost their way amidst bold new visions of secular happiness. Thomas More was one of the greatest humanists of his age but also a man devoted to the spiritual life. His lifetime of learning, charity, and service to the public...

  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier for Christ

    Episode 2

    While Martin Luther's interior troubles plunged Europe into a maelstrom of controversy, confusion, and war, the Basque soldier Ignacio de Loyola set out on an extraordinary interior pilgrimage of grace. Taught directly by God, Ignatius offered the Church a new spirituality of devoted service to C...

  • Saint Philip Neri: The Apostle of Joy

    Episode 3

    To a Rome ravaged by war and wearied by the decadence of the Renaissance popes, Saint Philip Neri came as an unlikely reformer. Mystic, hermit, prankster, and effortless leader of men, Neri had a great sense of humor and an even greater heart. His creative response to the challenge of the reforma...

  • Saint Charles Borromeo: The Good Shepherd

    Episode 4

    As the Cardinal-nephew of Pope Pius IV, Saint Charles Borromeo was one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in all of Rome. Yet he chose the extraordinary challenge of reforming the enormous Archdiocese of Milan to the pampered life of a Renaissance prince, and willingly spent himself in the s...

  • Saint Teresa of Ávila: A Study in Perseverance

    Episode 5

    Nobely-born, wealthy, captivating, and headstrong, Teresa de Ahumada was an unlikely timber for a great work of renovation. After many years of complacent living in a fashionable convent, Teresa was drawn into a mystical embrace and learned directly from Divine Inspiration what a life more pleasi...

  • Saint Francis de Sales: Pastor of Souls

    Episode 6

    Determined from his youth to pursue the priesthood, Saint Francis de Sales lived a storied life as a priest and missionary before settling down to the duties of a small-town bishop in the foothills of the French Alps. The spiritual writings of this beloved teacher of everyday holiness are justly ...