The Search Continues

The Search Continues

35 Episodes

The Search Continues is a series of Q&A interviews by Chris Stefanick with professors from the Augustine Institute. Based on some of the most searched questions on the internet on the Catholic faith, these videos accompany The Search and help facilitators with questions that might come in The Search group discussions.

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The Search Continues
  • Why can't Non-Catholics Receive the Eucharist?

    Episode 1

    The Search Continues
    Why is that a rule? Lucas Pollice and Chris Stefanick discuss the significance of the sacrament of Holy Communion and what it truly means.

  • What is Baptism?

    Episode 2

    The Search Continues
    Is baptism a bath in church? Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Chris Stefanick discuss what actually happens in baptism.

  • Do Catholics Worship Mary?

    Episode 3

    The Search Continues
    Do Catholics worship statues of Mary? Lucas Pollice and Chris Stefanick discuss how and why Catholics show special honor to Mary.

  • Sell the Vatican and Feed the World?

    Episode 4

    The Search Continues
    Shouldn't the Church give her money to the poor instead of buying beautiful artwork? Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Chris Stefanick unveil how everyone benefits from the Church's wealth.

  • What is Intercessory Prayer?

    Episode 5

    The Search Continues
    What does intercessory prayer do? Can I change God's mind? Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Chris Stefanick discuss Catholic belief.

  • What about Same-Sex Attraction?

    Episode 6

    The Search Continues
    What does the Church say about same-sex attraction? Dr. Scott Hefelfinger and Chris Stefanick unpack common questions.

  • Why a Priesthood?

    Episode 7

    The Search Continues
    Doesn't every baptized believer have a priestly role in the Kingdom of God? Are Catholic priests lonely? Fr. John Riley and Chris Stefanick dive into why the Catholic Church has priests.

  • What about Other Religions?

    Episode 8

    The Search Continues
    Is there a difference between Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, or an other religion? Dr. John Sehorn and Chris Stefanick unpack the question of inter-religious dialogue.

  • Why Confess to a Priest?

    Episode 9

    The Search Continues
    Confession can be uncomfortable. Should I actually be excited about it? Does Jesus approve of Confession? Fr. John Riley and Chris Stefanick talk about it.

  • Who are the Saints?

    Episode 10

    The Search Continues
    Why talk to saints? Chris Stefanick and Dr. Scott Hefelfinger talk about the variety of saints, their relatability and their example of holiness for all of us.

  • What are the Sacraments?

    Episode 11