The Elements of the Catholic Mass

The Elements of the Catholic Mass

31 Episodes

Elements of the Catholic Mass is designed to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. Featuring Fr. Douglas Martis, former director of the Liturgical Institute, the program consists of thirty-one beautifully produced short videos. Because each episode comes with a discussion guide with references, Elements of the Catholic Mass is ideal for personal faith formation or group discussion.

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The Elements of the Catholic Mass
  • The Bow in the Creed

    Episode 1

    There are two types of bows in the Catholic Mass: a simple bow of the head and a profound bow or bow of the body. During the recitation of the Creed, the Church asks all the faithful to make a profound bow. It is meant to be a tremendous sign of the reverence we have for the mysteries we celebrat...

  • The Altar

    Episode 2

    The altar is the central feature of every Catholic church. It is the most significant element in the church building. (It is even more significant than the tabernacle, since without altar, there is no reserved Blessed Sacrament.) The altar is the focal point of every liturgical celebration. The C...

  • My Sacrifice and Yours

    Episode 3

    At the end of the Preparation of the Offerings, the priest says to the people: "Pray, brothers and sisters, that my sacrifice and yours (meum ac vestrum sacrificium) may be acceptable to God the Almighty Father." There are not two sacrifices. Rather, we share in the singular sacrifice of Christ, ...

  • The Mystery of Faith

    Episode 4

    During Mass, immediately after the consecration of the Bread and Wine, the priest, with the Eucharist on the altar in front of him says, "The mystery of faith." Why is this done? What does it mean?

  • The Bow Before Receiving Holy Communion

    Episode 5

    People often ask, "What is the proper gesture before receiving Holy Communion?" The answer is actually very clear and simple. It can be found in the General Instruction of The Roman Missal at paragraph 160. The communicant makes a bow of the head before receiving the Body of the Lord and before r...

  • The Liturgical Movement

    Episode 6

    In essence, the liturgical movement is the effort on the part of the Church to help the faithful participate better at Mass. This meant, initially, that the people would participate in the singing and in giving the responses. Over the course of time, the Church realized that it is important that ...

  • The Dismissal

    Episode 7

    We might consider that the words of the dismissal are the three (Ite, missa est) most forgotten words of the entire Mass. The Latin word, "Ite" is the imperative of "go". This is an emphatic, insistent Go! "Ite, missa est" literally means "Go, it is sent."

  • Elements of the Mass Study Guide

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