Symbolon for Teens

Symbolon for Teens

2 Seasons

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained is a systematic presentation of our Catholic Faith. It will lead you through the "big picture" of the Catholic Faith and our Creed is the guide. Symbolon brings together some of the most trusted Catholic teachers in the world to guide you through the breadth and richness of the Catholic faith.

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Symbolon for Teens
  • Baptism & Confirmation

    Episode 1

    Most of us are familiar with the word "sacrament." We participate in sacramental rites often as Catholics. But do we understand what a sacrament is—and what it means for us and our everyday lives?

  • The Eucharist

    Episode 2

    It looks like bread and wine, yet it is called the Real Presence of Jesus. It is also called the Eucharist, but many Catholics would struggle to explain what that word means. What do Catholics really believe about the Body and Blood, and why has it become the center point of the Catholic Mass?

  • Walk through the Mass

    Episode 3

    Every Sunday, Catholics gather together to celebrate the Mass. But do we understand the deeper meaning of what happens there? Now we can.

  • Penance & Anointing of the Sick

    Episode 4

    Why is the Sacrament of Reconciliation essential—and potentially life-changing—for Catholics? How does the Anointing of the Sick make a difference to those who are suffering or dying?

  • Matrimony & Holy Orders

    Episode 5

    More than merely a contract between two people in love, marriage was created by God as part of his plan for humanity. How we fit within that plan may depend on our view of the Sacrament of Matrimony and its profound meaning for the world.

  • A Catholic Moral Vision

    Episode 6

    How does following the moral vision as taught by the Church lead us to whole and happy lives, especially when the world around us seems to be in moral turmoil?

  • A Love That Lasts: Discovering Authentic Love

    Episode 7

    There now seems to be a free-for-all idea of "love"—personally decided and self-centered—that often leads to heartbreak and unhappiness. Is that what God intends when he is called "Love" by the writers of the New Testament? What does it mean when we talk about love—and God's calling for us to lov...

  • A Love That Lasts: God's Plan for Sexuality

    Episode 8

    Understanding God's truth about human sexuality can transform our lives. But are we ready to rebel against our culture's view and understand the truth about sexual intimacy?

  • Catholic Social Teaching: Building a Civilization of Love

    Episode 9

    The basis of the Church's social teaching is an expression of God's love for humanity. But how can Catholics apply that teaching to their everyday encounters and challenges?

  • Catholic Social Teaching: Protecting the Dignity of the Human Person

    Episode 10

    In an age when life itself seems disposable, how can we follow God's call to protect and promote the dignity of the human person in all places and circumstances?

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