• Christmas with Bernadette by Emily Ortega

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    Bernadette and her family are back! With Christmas approaching, Bernadette wants to give everyone gifts. But it’s so hard with only the pocket change of a seven year old. And Mama’s about to have a new baby, which is exciting, but seems to wear her out. Will everything at home at school smooth ou...

  • Lourdes: Story of Faith, Science, & Miracles

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    Bernard Guillaumet, a non-Christian French journalist, is assigned the job of doing a story on Lourdes in the late 1990s. Just before he leaves for Lourdes, Bernard learns that his wife is pregnant. However, he is not aware that there are complications with the pregnancy.

    While researching for ...

  • Golden Legend of Young Saints by Henri Daniel-Rops

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    For 2000 years now, young Christians have lived--and often died—for Christ, and with a courage that many adults find hard to muster.

    Although she was just thirteen, in 304 AD, pagan authorities tortured and murdered brave Agnes of Rome for her Christian faith; for the same reason--and just ove...