• Catherine of Siena by Sigrid Undset

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    Sigrid Undset's Catherine of Siena is critically acclaimed as one of the best biographies of this well-known and amazing fourteenth-century saint. Known for her historical fiction, which won her the Nobel Prize for literature in 1928, Undset based this factual work on primary sources, her own exp...

  • Secrets of Siena by Dianne Ahern

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    Secrets of Siena is the fourth book in the Adventures with Sister Philomena series.

    Even nuns get to take a holiday! After all the investigations Sister Philomena’s conducted this summer, she needs one. In this adventure, Sister Philomena, her niece, Delaney, and nephew, Riley, are invited to ...

  • Lukas Storyteller: Saint Catherine of Siena
    Lukas Storyteller - Season 1

    Lukas Storyteller: Saint Catherine of Siena

    Lukas Storyteller - Season 1

    Peter and Paul compete to be the class president. Noah tells them the story of Saint Catherine of Siena, and they learn the importance of respect for others and nature.

  • The 3 Stages of the Interior Life by Matthew Leonard

    Join Matthew Leonard as he walks through the three stages of the spiritual life, helping you progress toward union with God and enter the interior castle written about by St. Teresa of Avila. With humor and concrete examples, this presentation is sure to aid you in your journey to becoming a saint.

  • FORMED Now! Who is St. Catherine of Siena?

    FORMED Now - Episodes

    Join Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Elizabeth Klein as they celebrate Catherine of Siena: a nurse and mystic with papal influence who became a saint and doctor of the Church.

    Consider supporting the Augustine Institute and FORMED by becoming a Missi...

  • True Beauty: Sisterhood, Part 2 with Sarah Swafford
    YDisciple - True Beauty: Wo...

    True Beauty: Sisterhood, Part 2 with Sarah Swafford

    YDisciple - True Beauty: Womanhood: Becoming the Woman You were Created to Be

    YDISCIPLE's discussion of sisterhood continues as we consider how true sisters accept a woman as Jesus does—as she is, without false expectations about who she should be. Ultimately, true sisters know that only in Jesus can a woman become who she is truly meant to be, and seeks to help her get th...

  • Is the Holy Spirit Really a Person? with Jim Beckman

    YDisciple - Who Is God?

    It's easy to think of the Holy Spirit as some sort of vague "essence" floating around somewhere, doing things that we can't see or find hard to comprehend. In this study, we'll look closely at the real Holy Spirit—a Person as real as the Father and the Son—with whom we are meant to have a relatio...

  • Prayer for Beginners (audiobook) by Peter Kreeft

    Peter Kreeft brings his unique insights to this most important area of our spiritual lives. He claims he himself is still a beginner in prayer, and this book is for all those, like him, who feel that they struggle to pray, but desire to become much better at it. Thus, Kreeft offers simple, but pr...

  • FORMED Now: Saints

    37 videos

    In the FORMED Now Saints collection, you can find interviews on dozens of the lives of the saints. Learn about Sts. Monica, Augustine, Stephen, Philip Neri, Catherine of Siena, and more!

  • Over Holy Ground: Exploring Sacred Sites
    Footprints of God with Step...

    Over Holy Ground: Exploring Sacred Sites

    Footprints of God with Stephen Ray - Story of Salvation from Abraham to Augustine

    Get a bird's-eye view as you take to the skies above the Holy Land and beyond. See the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the pyramids of Egypt, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and many, many more locations that impacted the salvation story. Complemented by relevant passages of Scripture and backed by a mu...