• The Mass: A Life-Giving Prayer
    Brother Francis - Episodes

    The Mass: A Life-Giving Prayer

    Brother Francis - Episodes

    Come with Brother Francis as he celebrates the life-changing power of the Mass in this inspirational and instructive presentation!

    This episode includes:

    "The Celebration of the Mass"—an animated representation of what happens during the Mass and our encounter with Jesus as we celebrate th...

  • FORMED Now! Feast of St. Francis

    FORMED Now - Episodes

    Dr. Tim Gray and Paul McCusker talk about the incredible Saint Francis of Assisi. This massive figure of the Church spread the Gospel with incredible power and grace throughout the 13th century.

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  • Glorious Lives: Cardinal Francis George

    "Glorious Lives" brings the late Cardinal's story to life through intimate interviews with the people closest to him—his sister, his colleagues, and his brother priests.

    Cardinal George was a true imitator of Christ. He never let anything come between him and his mission to bring the love of J...

  • FORMED Now! Catholic Audio Drama with Brother Francis

    FORMED Now - Episodes

    Join Dr. Tim Gray and Paul McCusker as they discuss Catholic Audio dramas, specifically the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre Original, "Brother Francis."

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    Intersted in the product Tim and Paul are discuss...

  • Brother Francis: The Barefoot Saint of Assisi

    If you think you know Francis of Assisi, you're in for a surprise. Discover the astonishing life of Brother Francis, the fun-loving son of wealth and privilege who gave up everything for the sake of Christ. As a young soldier, he encountered suffering. As a victim of war, he began a search for in...

  • Saint Francis of Assisi: His Life and Miracles

    This new docu-drama on the life and miracles of St. Francis is based on the official writings of Brother Thomas Celano, a close companion and friar with St. Francis who spent many years with the saint. Brother Thomas called Francis an "alter Christos" who was like "a holy mirror of the sanctity o...

  • Saint Francis

    Filmed on location in Assisi and at other actual locations where St. Francis lived and died, this feature film vividly tells the story of the greatly beloved saint from childhood to his death. Beautifully filmed with outstanding cinematography and fine acting talent, this film stars Italian actor...

  • FORMED Now! The Sound of the New Evangelization

    FORMED Now - Episodes

    In a world full of noise, it's nice to find some sound full of truth, goodness, and beauty. Dr. Tim Gray and Paul McCusker, writer and director of Catholic audio dramas, explore the world of audio dramas and storytelling in the New Evangelization.

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  • Augustine Institute Show with Dr. Tim Gray - 03/16/21 - Paul McCusker

    Listen to The Trials of St. Patrick discussed by Dr. Gray and Paul.

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  • This Week on FORMED (October 4, 2021)

    FORMED Now - Episodes

    Mentioned in this video:

    Monday (October 4) — St. Francis of Assisi
    - Feast of St. Francis
    - Brother Fran...

  • An Ordinary Martyr: The Life & Death of Blessed Stanley Rother

    "A shepherd cannot run at the first sign of danger." —Blessed Stanley Francis Rother

    An Ordinary Martyr, the Life and Death of Blessed Stanley Rother, tells the story of a young man born into a devoted German Catholic family in the small farming town of Okarche, Oklahoma. His calling to the pr...

  • Truth to Inspire: St. Francis of Assisi
    The Truth to Inspire Series...

    Truth to Inspire: St. Francis of Assisi

    The Truth to Inspire Series - by Quiet Waters

    Francis Bernadone, a wealthy young Italian teen, was carefree and jovial. Follow his story of conversion and decision to be "all in" for God! While Francis never became a priest, he did attract many followers to his life of poverty for Christ, including St. Clare! Guest appearance of Leonardo deF...