• St. Andrew the Apostle | Catholic Saints

    All of the saints had a story before they met Christ. For St. Andrew, he was a fisherman. Hearing the call of Christ, Andrew and his brother Peter left everything behind to follow Jesus. Join Dr. Ben Akers and Mary McGeehan as they discuss St. Andrew, his life, and the example he provides to all ...

  • St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor

    Giuseppe Moscati, "the holy physician of Naples," was a medical doctor and layman in the early twentieth century who came from an aristocratic family and devoted his medical career to serving the poor. He was also a medical school professor and a pioneer in the field of biochemistry whose researc...

  • Ode to Saint Cecilia

    Ode to Saint Cecilia tells the dramatic story of a modest young woman from Rome whose life transcends time to influence poets, composers, sculptors, and painters. A patron saint to some, a muse to others, Cecilia has inspired George F. Handel, John Dryden, Henry Purcell, Stefan Maderno, John Wate...

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe & St. Juan Diego | Littlest Saints

    A boy, his sneakers, and a giant sombrero take up the story of St. Juan Diego’s miraculous encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary. How far will Our Lady ask him to reach out in faith, trust, and confidence?

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  • St. Nicholas Day | Catholic All Year at Home w/ Kendra Tierney

    Kendra shares her favorite recipes and traditions for celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa!). Learn how to make mulled wine and cider, speculaas cookies, and deep-fried Dutch meatballs.

    Find this episode's feature recipes and more about liturgical living in the home at Catholic Al...

  • The Charity of St. Nicholas | Sacred Art

    Dr. Ben Akers and Taylor Kemp sit down with different pieces of Sacred Art to discuss their theological meanings and how they can speak to us today. This week, they are looking at The Charity. of St. Nicholas of Bari as depicted by Girolamo Macchietti.

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  • St. Therese | Littlest Saints

    Which flower in Jesus’s garden is the best? The most beautiful? St. Therese gives us her “little” answer to these questions.

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  • St. Clement of Rome | Catholic Saints

    Sit down with Dr. Ben Akers and Dr. Carl Vennerstrom as they discuss Pope St. Clement of Rome, who was an early Church Father and the third successor to St. Peter. He wrote an original letter to the dissentient church of Corinth that we can still read and access today! His feast day is November 2...

  • Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

    Twenty-five years have passed since the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, sparking a renewed interest in this spiritual giant of the 20th century. Filmed on 5 continents and featuring unprecedented access to both institutional archives and the apostolates of the Missionaries of Charity, this fi...

  • The Saints, Youth Ministry and Our Lady of Guadalupe | Chris Stefanick Show

    The Saints, Youth Ministry and Our Lady of Guadalupe w/Eddie Cotter | Chris Stefanick Show

    One of the greatest gifts God has given us is his mother, Mary. But how to have a true devotion to her isn’t always obvious. That’s why one of my best friends, Eddie Cotter, is back to give us even more ti...

  • The Church Needs More Saints w/ Jason Evert | SEEK23

    Using the example of Pope St. John Paul II, Jason Evert discusses the importance of interior life in the mission of evangelization to which all Christians are called. Learn more about SEEK and register to attend next year’s conference by visiting

  • St. Joan of Arc | Catholic Saints

    Learn about the remarkable story of St. Joan of Arc with Paul McCusker, author of the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre audio drama "The Victory of Joan of Arc", and Dr. Ben Akers on this episode of Catholic Saints!

  • St. John the Apostle | Catholic Saints

    On this episode of Catholic Saints, Taylor Kemp interviews Dr. James Protho on the life, traits, and lessons we can learn from St. John the Apostle. Son of Zebedee, evangelist and gospel writer, St. John experienced the privilege of serving in Jesus’ inner circle. We celebrate the feast of St. Jo...

  • Brother Francis: The Barefoot Saint of Assisi

    If you think you know Francis of Assisi, you're in for a surprise. Discover the astonishing life of Brother Francis, the fun-loving son of wealth and privilege who gave up everything for the sake of Christ. As a young soldier, he encountered suffering. As a victim of war, he began a search for in...

  • Saint Charles Borromeo: The Good Shepherd

    As the Cardinal-nephew of Pope Pius IV, Saint Charles Borromeo was one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in all of Rome. Yet he chose the extraordinary challenge of reforming the enormous Archdiocese of Milan to the pampered life of a Renaissance prince, and willingly spent himself in the s...

  • Padre Pio: Miracle Man

    This movie captures the Capuchin friar's intense faith, devotion, and deep spiritual concern for others, as well as his great compassion for the sick and suffering. It reveals the amazing details and events in Padre Pio's life as a boy and throughout his fifty years as a friar, dramatizing the fr...

  • Joan of Arc

    Although she died at nineteen in 1431, her legend and legacy is stronger than ever five hundred years later. Leelee Sobieski shines as the legendary warrior and saint, Joan of Arc, who, at seventeen, led one of the greatest military campaigns for freedom the world has ever witnessed. Supported by...

  • Angels & Saints | Catholic Saints

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    Angels and saints are present throughout Catholic theology and devotion, but what exactly are these beings? What makes a person a saint, and how can I become one? Are angels real, and how do they impact my life? Dive into these questions and more in this series with Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Taylor...

  • St. Maximilian Kolbe | Catholic Saints

    At age twelve, St. Maximilian Kolbe received a vision of Our Lady where he accepted the crowns of both purity and martyrdom, vowing to promote devotion to Mary as the defense against the twentieth century's evils. Join Dr. Sean Innerst and Dr. Ben Akers as they dive into the life of this modern m...

  • St. Cyprian | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. John Sehorn and Taylor Kemp as they dive into the life of St. Cyprian on this episode of Catholic Saints! A Bishop and martyr, St. Cyprian is one of the most famous martyrs of North Africa.

  • St. James the Greater | Catholic Saints

    On this episode of Catholic Saints, join Dr. Ben Akers and Mary McGeehan as they discuss the life of one of Jesus' inner circle disciples, St. James the Greater.

  • St. Vincent de Paul | Catholic Saints

    Join Dr. Christopher Blum and Mary McGeehan as they share about the life of St. Vincent de Paul on this episode of Catholic Saints.

  • Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism

    One of history’s greatest examples of the triumph of spiritual power over violence and oppression is vividly recounted in Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism, a new documentary film that poignantly captures the intricate role played by John Paul in the collapse of commu...

  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier for Christ

    While Martin Luther's interior troubles plunged Europe into a maelstrom of controversy, confusion, and war, the Basque soldier Ignacio de Loyola set out on an extraordinary interior pilgrimage of grace. Taught directly by God, Ignatius offered the Church a new spirituality of devoted service to C...