Revive Parishes

Revive Parishes

4 Seasons

Revive courses provide insights, practical steps, and training for your staff, catechists, and parish leader volunteers. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from the best with over 10 hours of expert training. These 4 courses Evangelization with Chris Stefanick, Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz, Loving and Serving The Poor with Fr. Mark Mary Ames, and Parish Renewal with Tim Glemkowski are more than inspiration, they offer real practical solutions.

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Evangelization with Chris Stefanick
Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz
Loving and Serving The Poor with Fr. Mark-Mary Ames
Parish Renewal with Tim Glemkowski

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Revive Parishes
  • Chapter 25: Key Ministry Tactics

    Episode 1

    Tim provides 5 key ministry tactics to align everything you have learned practically in your parish. He discusses these tactics in the areas of Religious Education, RCIA, The Sunday Experience, Sacramental Preparation, and Key Holidays/ other “On Ramps”.

  • Chapter 26: Conclusion

    Episode 2

    Tim gives a final fervorino to all parish leaders, encouraging them that this is a particularly special time in history to be focusing on the parish. The laity are the key to renewing our Faith in our culture and in our world.